DECEMBER 14, 2022 - FEBRUARY 5, 2023

Installation view of Art + Politics

Installation view of Art + Politics, 2019, at MOCA Jacksonville.

For the third year, MOCA Jacksonville presents a selection of prints created by students in the Printmaking course “Art + Politics” at UNF. In this course, students are encouraged to freely discuss and interpret, respectfully disagree and learn to develop common ground through art.

Who doesn't understand fear, abuse, depression, bigotry, and racism? Who never felt the weight of the darkness?

Environmental instability, physical disability, displacement, immigration-these are all issues that threaten our peaceful co-existence. Some of us feel personally threatened; others are concerned about the safety of our natural environment. Amid so much divisiveness, we struggle to find commonality and tussle to practice plurality. It is perhaps simpler to segregate, detach, and selfisolate from the ongoing atmosphere of division-but is this the best we can do?

The themes in the works presented here are controversial, yet together are harmonious. How did these young artists find a way to embrace the challenges and candidly discuss the yawning political divide? They established common ground among themselves and their dissenting opinions, learning something about each other, and establishing respect for one another as human beings. They imagined a future where individuals from across the political spectrum gain new understanding and ideas- and possibly build connection through respectful and open conversation.

On the frontiers of developing common ground, students used creativity, developed their artistic practice, and worked in collaboration. This approach was a great place to start; and these largescale prints bridge all gaps.


Sheila Goloborotko
Associate Professor, Printmaking
UNF Art and Design Department


Printmaking students from FSCJ and UNF worked collaboratively at Florida State College (FSCJ) campus during the 2022 Blocktoberfest, printing large-scale woodblocks using a steamroller (FSCJ) campus on October 21, 2022. Special thanks to FSCJ professor Patrick Miko.