AUGUST 13, 2021 - FEBRUARY 13, 2022

still from a video with frias

EDGAR FABIÁN FRÍAS, Kauyumari Tatewari, duration 10’ 52”, 2019. Still from Video. Image courtesy of the artist.

Techno-Intimacy showcases the work of artists Lena Chen, Myra Lilith Day, deSolidState, Edgar Fabian Frias, Michael Neumann, and Tabitha Nikolai. Through the use of digital and internet platforms, these artists attempt to carve out new pathways for knowledge-production, aesthetics, cognition, spirit, and viewership. Techno-Intimacy invites the visitor to consider a porous boundary between the digital and physical--or "Away from the Keyboard" (AFK)--realms. By dissolving these barriers, the artists suggest a new form of connection: a connection both at corporeal and communal level, where limitlessness is possible. Curated by Jessica Borusky, UNF Gallery Director and Instructor.