NOVEMBER 5, 2016 - JANUARY 22, 2017

grasses #1 by donald martin

DONALD MARTIN, Grasses #1, 2015. Linoleum block print, 24 x 24 inches.

palm leaves (resurrection) by donald martin

DONALD MARTIN, Palm Leaves (resurrection), 2016. Linoleum block print, 24 x 36 inches.

Longtime resident of Northeast Florida, printmaker Donald Martin is devoted to the natural world. With his deft hand and immaculate graphic design sensibility, Martin creates block prints that explore various animal and plant forms found in the local ecosystem. In his prints and sculptures, line, texture, color, and content illustrate his personal affinity for nature and present a view that is intimate, realistic, and close-up. This firsthand point of view produces images that are at once recognizable and abstract, organic and structured, naturalistic and graphic.


headshot of Donald Martin


Donald Martin's work is devoted to the natural world, using the medium of printmaking to explore various animal and plant forms. Mixed with his own personal experience, nature informs his use of line, texture, and color as well as content. As Martin links the everyday and the eternal within his work, he presents a view of the natural world that is intimate, with a close up view of plant forms which present to the viewer a world that is, at once, abstract and recognizable. Martin is a professor of art at the Flagler College Department of Art and Design.

Portrait of the artist. Courtesy of the Artist.