Movement 4

NOVEMBER 18, 2017 - FEBRUARY 18, 2018

juan fontanive's timelines

© JUAN FONTANIVE, Timelines A, 2014. Oil and acrylic on carbon fiber, stainless steel, roller bearings, brass, gear mechanism, and motor. 12 ft. x 9 ft. x 3 ¾ inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

Interested in the language of machines and film, Brooklyn-based artist Juan Fontanive creates a multi-level kinetic sculpture of thin metal rods and linkages, pulleys, and colored shapes that cascade in the Atrium Gallery. In Movement 4, the structure simultaneously relies on gravity and an internally synced mechanical system to power the work. As the plant-like composition generates a choreography of movement and color, its moving parts produce a synced sound-and-image throughout the space. As with all of Fontanive's kinetic work, we're invited to look and listen.


headshot of Juan Fontanive


Brooklyn-based artist, Juan Fontanive incorporates mechanics, kinetics, and film-based materials into his sculptures and installations. His interest in these fields originated from experiences growing up in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio, where he frequently climbed bridges, created mechanical-based drawings, and developed claymations. Influenced also by his studies at the Royal College of Art, London, and experience in the city, Fontanive found inspiration from Victorian clocks and other antiquated technical mechanisms. Many of Fontanive's recent series combine his mechanical-based knowledge and keen eye for design with elements of whimsy, whether it be rows of vibrant color or images of birds in motion.

Photo courtesy of Juan Fontanive



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