JANUARY 8, 2022 - MAY 8, 2022

Generation of the Future by Anderson Goncalves

© Anderson Goncalves, Generation of the Future, 2021. Oil on cotton fabric. 12 x 25 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

2021 MOCA Artist-in-Residence Anderson Goncalves is a PDP (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking) major at UNF, who uses a wide range of media and techniques, such as screen printing, collage/chine-collé, fabric, and oil/acrylic painting. Examining his experience growing up learning to navigate two completely different cultures and respective languages — the African, Portuguese speaking Angolan culture and the US culture — he expresses the struggle with miscommunication, isolation, and underrepresentation, in his community and family, that often come with being a first-generation immigrant. Inspired, in part, by Kara Walker's use of storytelling and Kerry James Marshall's use of black figures, Goncalves' project for MOCA, titled "Cultural Polarity", will depict this journey on a proposed series of wooden panels.