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Beyond the Museum

February 1, 2024

MOCA curatorial team installing artwork at GOCA Charter School

Collaborating with local organizations to bring art out into the different communities of Jacksonville is always rewarding, as it nourishes the museum as much as the community. MOCA's Museum Without Walls program allows us to place works from our collection in other buildings and sites, such as LaVilla School of the Arts and our annual exhibition in the Times-Union Center. We are pleased to add the GOCA Arts Charter School to the list, with art to inspire students featuring artists such as James Melchert, Pablo Picasso, James Rosenquist, and Lucienne Zwirn.

GOCA Arts Charter School is a new educational institution set up to elevate the cultural landscape of Jacksonville. MOCA is happy to be partnering with Global Outreach Charter Academy (GOCA) Arts, an Arts Charter School dedicated to nurturing creativity, fostering artistic expression, and providing a comprehensive education to students in the heart of Jacksonville's Town Center Area.