Skyler Dunbar

Curatorial Intern

Intern Skyler Dunbar

Skyler Dunbar has been a Curatorial Intern at MOCA since July 2021. She is a Fall 2021 graduate of the University of Florida with two bachelor's degrees in Art History and Political Science, as well as an International Relations minor. She focuses primarily on researching and interviewing artists for the MOCA blog, utilizing a background in art analysis and journalism she established as a writer and editor for the University of Florida undergraduate journal Dinner + No Show. She focused her academic studies on the political and cultural implications of contemporary artists and how artworks of various genres impact the political environment in which they exist, an area of research she hopes to further develop through a career in curation. Skyler is also a Gallerist for the New York-based Janus Gallery and an Art Collections Intern for the Art Bridges Foundation.