• Visitors Look at Jenny Morgans Brand New

    Permanent Collection displays MOCA's history

    MOCA Jacksonville collects works of art ranging from 1960 to the present, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography.

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    Project Atrium: Amanda Coogan

    Learn about Project Atrium artist Amanda Coogan draws inspiration from a variety of sources including art historical references, a poem by Adrienne Rich, and works from MOCA Jacksonville's permanent collection.

  • UNF Artist In Residence Mark Lester smiles for a picture as he stands in front of his wall sculptures during his opening

    Q & A with Mark Lester, MOCA's 2018 UNF Student Artist-in-Residence

    MOCA Jacksonville interviews MOCA's fifth annual University of North Florida Student Artist-in-Residence, Mark Lester about his series of ceramic works including wall hangings and sculptures that blend steel, clay, and glass.