As artists continue to survey their environments for subjects, they digest and reinterpret people, places, and things in contemporary life into inventive images via innovative practices. (Re)presentation pays homage to the Realist art movement yet elevates a variety of art making practices, including, but not limited to, assemblage, portraiture, appropriation, or even photorealism and photo montages. Pushing beyond the long standing tradition of representational art, the works in (Re)presentation bridge multiple disciplines and often include staged scenes or unconventional materials. Many of these works resist the notion of having any explicit narrative or message, leaving them largely open to interpretation.

Printmaker and sculptor Nicola López, for example, pushes the boundaries of printmaking and installation art to explore architecture as a metaphor for the human experience. In Big Windows : Skin : Portals, she constructs a cityscape with metal supports and woodblock prints, mimicking and exposing the force and fragility of architectural ambition. Big Windows : Skin : Portals was born out of her participation in the Project Atrium series for which she created A Gentle Defiance of Gravity and Form in 2016.

Other artists in (Re)presentation include Jim Dine, Ethan Murrow, Philip Guston, Jason John, Gordon Matta-Clark, Claes Oldenberg, Kevin Peterson, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Alison Rossiter, and Joni Sternbach, among others.