Image courtesy of Stephanie Cruz


Art Explorium IS CURRENTLY CLOSED and undergoing renovation. iN THE COMING SEASONS, Children and families will be able to enjoy new interactive areas. Check back for details or follow us on social media for updates.

Explore the Concepts behind contemporary art

Children and adults enjoy exploring sixteen fun and interactive stations that link basic visual art principles with works in MOCA Jacksonville's Permanent Collection. This lively educational environment is great fun for kids of all ages, and parents or accompanying adults can learn about art right along with them. It’s a must for anyone visiting MOCA’s fifth floor.

Art and Technology

Use objects to create a big picture on the floor. Look at the screen in the to see what you’re making. You can watch another artist making a big floor picture on video in the seating area. Enjoy ten different fun and educational videos about famous artists, art movements, and books inspired by great works of art!


Inspired by Alexander Calder, you can attach provided objects to hooks to create a mobile. Choose bits from artworks in the Permanent Collection or create your own. Balance the objects so the metal rods seem to float just right.

The Art Garden: Watching Art Grow

Place paper on top of a metal picture. Rub a crayon on its side to transfer the picture to the paper. Leave your artwork to be displayed in the garden or take it home.

Freeze Frame

Photographers create art in the dark. Make an artwork by arranging the shapes and objects on the counter in our freeze frame area. Wait for the flash and watch your artwork glow.

All about Texture

Turn around the cans to show different textures on each side. Use the textures to build a big artwork.

George Washington is ready to wig out! Create a new hairstyle, beard, or outfit for this former United States president by attaching a wacky set of texture plugs.

Use texture plugs to make three-dimensional pictures. Play with color, shape, and texture.

Pixel Pictures: A New Spin on Art

Watch how the filters help to abstract a picture. Try it with your drawing. Draw a face and then see it change. Slide your drawing into a frame on the wall to turn it into abstract art.

Found Owners: Stacking Sculptures

Make an owner for a wacky pet on display. Slide the stacking parts on a pole to create an owner for each animal. How is your owner like its pet?

Body Language

Can you pose like a piece of art? Can you pose like a mannequin? Step in front of the mirror and pose like some of the figures from our collection or the mannequins on display. Does some art feeling like it’s moving? What’s your body language?

Natural Visions: Building Natural Space

Artists create interesting places using natural materials to get us to look at the world with fresh eyes. Spin the dice at our nature center to select a home to build using natural materials.

Picture Jam: Making Musical Pictures

Use music to inspire art. Listen to the music, then layer pictures to create a collage that matches it. Collages are artworks that take images from a variety of sources—such as art, newspapers, and advertisements—and combine them in fresh ways.

Choose Your Muse: Making Artistic Choices

Curators make choices about what is displayed in art museums. Be a curator by trying these activities

Make a display that makes sense to you. Use the round cans on display to create an exhibit in the theme you choose

Can you organize your own exhibit? Can a frame change the way you look at art? Use images from our Permanent Collection to create your own gallery wall.

Splitting Image: Reflecting on Pattern

Make a pattern by choosing a picture or group of shapes to put under a kaleidoscope. Look through the top of the kaleidoscope to see the pattern you have created.