Interior Geography

Mark Lester

December 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019



Mark Lester, 2018 UNF student artist-in-residence, explores the concept of depth through ceramic sculpture. This work also represents the artist's recent interest in ceramics as wall art, as well as the incorporation of glass and metal components. Lester blends natural and mechanical influences, beginning with organic forms and altering them by adding precise edges and uniform patterning. These alterations create a contrast between surfaces, an effect that accentuates the interior layers of the work. The introduction of glass and metal elements allows for layers of disparate media as well as textural variation, further highlighting the separation between the interior and exterior of the work. 


6-8 p.m. • Free to the public


Artist Profile Mark Lester

Mark Lester

Mark Lester is a Fine Arts major at the University of North Florida focusing on functional and sculptural ceramics. His work draws inspiration from precise forms found in nature, and attempts to find a balance between these forms and those that are more mechanical and geometric. As MOCA's fifth annual Student Artist-in-Residence, he will create a series of abstract wall sculptures that will be a blend of steel, glass and clay.

Image courtesy of the artist.