Whores on Film: A Film Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker Juliana Piccillo

Thursday, October 10, 2019 // 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Event Description


Since the dawn of cinema, sex workers have served as muses to movie-makers. From turn of the century white slavery pictures (The Girl who went Astray, 1900), to iconic rom-coms (Pretty Woman, 1990), to indie hits (Tangerine, 2015), hookers, hustlers, call girls, street walkers, strippers and dommes have been staples of the silver screen.

With equal parts historical overview, critique, and homage, Whores on Film examines the portrayal of sex workers in cinema and how perpetuating stereotypes in media affects real peoples' lives. Screening followed by Q&A with filmmaker Juliana Piccillo and UNF Professor, Nick de Villiers.

Juliana Piccillo, Director, has been a sex worker, journalist, university Instructor and trailer salesperson. She's the mother of two children, a filmmaker and a writer. Her documentary, I was a Teenage Prostitute, screened in the Tribeca Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, etc. Her writing is featured in the anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys and the literary journal Drunken Boat.

Nicholas de Villiers is a professor of English and Film at the University of North Florida. He is the author of Opacity and the Closet: Queer Tactics in Foucault, Barthes, and Warhol and Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary.



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