Voice of the People Showcase Fall 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016 // 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.

MOCA Jacksonville

Event Description

Visitors Listen to Student Recordings at Voice of the People

See the results of  Richard Lewis Brown Gifted and Talented Academy fourth-graders' work over the last several weeks at this celebration of their audio guides. Attend a presentation in the MOCA theater, then join the students in the Permanent Collection galleries on the second floor.
MOCA Jacksonville's Voice of the People is an innovative, literacy-based educational arts initiative that hones critical thinking and communication skills as it develops a deeper understanding of contemporary art. Voice of the People serves fourth-grade students at Title I schools. During several visits to MOCA, students are introduced to the Permanent Collection, from which they select works of art that speak to them. The students analyze the works, prepare descriptive narratives, and create recordings that serve as part of the Museum’s audio guide, accessible to all those who visit the galleries and view the chosen works of art. In addition to gaining familiarity and comfort within the Museum setting and a greater appreciation for art, Voice of the People improves critical thinking skills, encourages participation, develops creative writing and verbal presentation skills, and enhances self-esteem. It also has quantifiable, proven results: Children who participate in the program exponentially improve their reading and writing scores, year-over-year.

Free and open to the public



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