Photography Practices & Techniques with Joel Beaman

Saturday, June 12, 2021 // 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

MOCA Jacksonville 333 N Laura St Jacksonville, FL 32202

Event Description

Kids Art Lab Photography

Learn to make more visually dynamic images that engage viewers and better communicate ideas and messages in this film photo workshop.

MOCA's upcoming Studio Practice covers photography practices and techniques with Joel Beaman. This in-person workshop will demonstrate techniques that can be immediately put to practice when making images, whether shooting on film or snapping photos with a phone. The tips and practices will cover a wide range of skills, from troubleshooting issues that keep you from making the images you want to techniques that will increase photo quality.


FREE for MOCA Members and UNF Faculty, Staff, and Students // $10 for Non-Members 

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About the artist:

C. Joel Beaman was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1971. The son of a traveling artist, he grew up on the road—the maps, text and images he experienced as well as the practice of navigating the physical space of highways were first memories forming his visual foundation. Naturally he gravitated to photography, though he also uses unique installations and book structures to explore how we perceive, navigate, and negotiate our environments. He embraces the experimental side of art—from alternative book structures to a step van turned into camera. His curiosity is always rewarded with the unexpected—leading to new understandings about the process of creating work. That curiosity led to the creation of the Pinhole Van, a step van converted into a camera obscura. The Pinhole Van documented Chicago and the surrounding area changing landscape from 2000 to 2005, with each exposure taking several hours, sometimes resulted in a unique photographic record of the time and place. The photographic images created about the road and the places connected by them help him understand and process the experience of the road. As we individually navigate these common spaces, we all own unique views of a larger map, and he hopes these images can begin a conversation about the intersections we share.Joel earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida State University in 1995 and in 2003 a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia College's Book & Paper Arts Program. He is an art educator for high school students and works to cultivate in them an awareness, appreciation, and love of art. He has won several awards for his art, including the Albert P. Weisman Memorial Scholarship, an award from the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation, and most recently a Community First Cares Foundation grant for Creative Arts & Culture Entrepreneurs and the Vision Grant from the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. Find more information here.