Thursday, December 6, 2018 // 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Event Description


This holiday season, MOCA Jacksonville offers the opportunity to shop local makers at the MOCA Holiday Market. Buy creative gifts directly from regional artists and designers. 

Thursday Dec. 6th Market Vendors

  • Lauren Ytterbom Ceramics
  • Stenotab

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Vendor Bios:

Lauren Ytterbom Ceramics: Lauren Ytterbom Ceramics is based out of a private working studio located in the Ancient City of Saint Augustine, Florida. Lauren Ytterbom has a BA in Fine Arts from Flagler College and a MA from New York University. She lives between the States and Sweden with her husband and daughter. 

Her production is based on a dialogue between design + handcraft, making an ever-evolving line of ceramic forms that feel contemporary + classic. She focuses on functional forms such as cylinders, vases + dinnerware that have their roots in a modern Scandinavian aesthetic. The malleable nature of clay + the glazes that envelop it will give the observer an intimate relationship with the object that leaves a lasting impression when you hold each piece in your hands.

Stenotab: Stenotab is a local brand offering natural fiber accessories to keep you warm and embroidery hoops to add to your home.  Everything is handmade by me, down to my handstamped hardware labels