MOCA Holiday Pop Up Market

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 // 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Event Description


Join MOCA for a special evening of shopping and beautiful live music as we feature local artists and artisans and a performance by the Jacksonville Symphony. It is Art Walk night, so downtown will be hopping! See below for the list of fabulous local makers, artists, and artisans participating:


Alice & Julia
“The jewelry I make mixes what I’ve learned from my grandmother’s: Alice & Julia. I apply those lessons into my designs. The idea is to have every person who wears my jewelry feel confident and empowered. I make all the pieces by hand in my studio and use precious metals, with precious & semi-precious stones.” - Lauren Kirkham, Owner

Art with Soul Enterprise at North Florida School of Special Education
Art with Soul is the art-enterprise program at the North Florida School of Special Education. We facilitate opportunities for artists with intellectual and developmental differences to develop their artistic perspectives and create work that is celebrated and made available for purchase. Art is an equalizer, a platform for communicating that leads to self-empowerment and strong communities. The joy of Art With Soul is working together to discover each other’s strengths and our commonalities.
Throughout a school year, students experiment with drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, sculpture, and other forms of design. Teachers identify and support every person’s strengths to open a path towards becoming an Art with Soul artist when they are older. Together we will continue to grow in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Artugee empowers refugee women through art, collaboration, sharing of resources and stories, for successful integration. We share our stories, cultures, traditions, and languages through art, with the rest of the world. We are more than 25 artists who hold monthly meetings to share food, discuss various common topics, share resources and work together on an art project. For this event we present the work of Malath Alarnosi, Ban Dalw, Negar Ibrahim, Alla, Aya, Rash, and Halla Khalil.

Bee Friends Farm
We’re proud to offer some of the best Florida honey you can find. Whether you’re looking for delicious Tupelo Honey, Saw Palmetto Honey, Black Mangrove Honey, or any one of our other delectable varietals, we’re sure that you’ll be pleased. Our specialty is pure, raw, Florida honey fresh from the honeycomb – the way nature intended!

House of Remnant Soul
“I specialize in cultural textile's infused with leather to create accessories, handmade clothing, house décor and more. A lot of my items are one of kind and if there is a duplicate no two pair are exactly the same.” - Ahyanna Nakia, Owner

Kristina Hoover
Kristina Hoover is a Jacksonville based artist and printmaker, who uses the traditional relief printmaking methods of woodcuts and linocuts to create a variety of artwork. Her unique compositions range from nature inspired to abstraction. Kristina’s current collection is Florida inspired, featuring bold colors, and plant imagery.

Stenotab is a local brand offering natural fiber accessories to keep you warm and embroidery hoops to add to your home. Everything is handmade by me, down to my hand stamped hardware labels.

Young Buck Coffee
Young Buck Coffee brings to Jacksonville intriguing single origin coffees, flavorful custom blends and uniquely functional gifts from dedicated studio artists. At our core is bringing delicious, sustainably sourced coffees to your home, restaurant, cafe or office. But our vision is greater than that. We believe that coffee doesn't have to be a massive source of waste or a detriment to our environment. We've taken the initiative of maintaining a 'zero single use plastic' business opting for only compostable single use containers and packaging whenever possible.

Yours Truly
Yours Truly is a small business dedicated to creating handmade polymer clay jewelry, focused on the diversity of styles and personalities of each one of the customers.

UNF Print Guild
UNF Print Guild is a student run collective that seeks to develop a growing and energetic artistic community among UNF students interested in printmaking.
Printmaking is a dynamic area and students greatly profit from working, learning and organizing projects together. The collaborative and social nature of the printshop offers many unique opportunities for students to work together in an inclusive, constructive and supportive environment.