Chris Flagg

Board of Trustees

Board Profile Chris Flagg


Christopher Flagg is a talented designer, community visionary and urban planner and has contributed to numerous improvements within the City of Jacksonville. His forty years of professional experience has been recognized on a national level by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) by his elevation to the 2013 Council of Fellows, one of the highest honors awarded within Landscape Architecture. Mr. Flagg continues to dedicate himself to community and downtown advocacy through many professional and philanthropic endeavors. 

Over the course of his diverse career, Chris has assisted a vast amount of end users at the local, state, and regional levels in visionary ventures that have made significant contributions to an improved quality of life. Chris recognized early on that his work would provide the opportunity to blend art and physical form, offering the unbridled opportunity to cultivate a creative activism that would overlay a host of complex issues and mediate them with quality design solutions. A functional sensibility coupled with a broad vision and an understanding of the unique demands of the profession has been facilitated in Chris's ability to commit his passion to inspire, promote, and mentor.