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Welcome SoulFULL Eats!

Welcome SoulFULL Eats!

September 3, 2022 // by MOCA Staff

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MOCA Jacksonville recently welcomed a new partner! Local catering and meal prep company SoulFULL Eats is our new partner for all in-house catering needs. You have probably already enjoyed their delightful offerings at our exhibition previews and programs, but if you have not had the chance, join us at September Art Walk where they will be offering a variety of culinary treats and specialty drinks for sale during the event.


September Art Walk Menu


NYA Trail Mix

Charcuterie Boxes

Sesame Glazed Shrimp over Rice Noodles with seasonal vegetables and ginger


Late Cucumber & Ginger Chiller

White Peach Sangria

Almond Chocolate-Tini


Founded by local entrepreneurs Shantrell Mixson and Amy Saltmarsh, SoulFULL Eats offers restaurant quality, chef curated meals-to-go and high-end catering for private and corporate events. SoulFULL Eats uses fresh, local ingredients to create one of a kind, deliciously memorable menus and culinary experiences. All of their menus and services can be tweaked to best accommodate your taste and budget preferences.

SoulFULL Eats' founders met while working together in the catering department at Matthew's/M Hospitality. They worked so well together that they were able to seamlessly execute events and dubbed themselves the dynamic duo. After leaving Matthew's, they each worked on different projects. Shantrell went into meal prep and then restaurant management, while Amy opened a gym. Over time, these projects evolved, and the opportunity arose for them to work together again, while getting back to the work they love - cooking and event planning.

“Our Meal Prep business makes eating flavorful, chef cooked, healthy meals easier and affordable for families,” states Amy Saltmarsh. “We can proudly say that we do not offer any boring or simple dishes. We use seasonal produce, local ingredients, and create complex meals that actually taste good! We believe that if you enjoy what you are eating, you will be more likely to keep eating it and build and sustain healthy eating habits.”

In addition to making more flavorful, craveable meals, SoulFULL Eats is also driven by a commitment to sustainability, with a goal to minimize waste and environmental impacts. To meet this goal, they source 30% or more of their ingredients from local farms and use fully compostable packaging for their weekly meal kits.

“We HATE that there is so much waste in the industry,” says Saltmarsh. “So, we only use compostable packaging and aim to be low to no waste, using whole ingredients in our cooking.”

For their new partnership with MOCA Jacksonville, the team is excited to do more catering and special events, allowing their new environment to inspire their culinary endeavors! Both Shantrell and Amy love art, particularly all of the local artistic talent in Jacksonville, and want to support and create dynamic programming with the museum, including a new series of culinary programs. This fall, you can enjoy a Venetian Delights Supper Club and a Wine and Charcuterie Art of Food workshop. The October Venetian Delights Supper Club event that will feature a multi-course meal and wine pairings inspired by the cuisine of Venice that will take place before our Ideas of Our Time lecture on the Venice Biennale. Just in time for holiday planning, the Art of Food Workshop will take place in December. Guests will learn from Chef Shantrell Mixson and build enticing charcuterie boards to take home, while sampling board elements and enjoying beer and wine.


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