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We are family!

We are family!

April 12, 2017 // by Stephanie Jackson

Celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break at MOCA Jacksonville's Family Day on May 6.

Mother and Child Make Art 885 full
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Make your own artworks, visit the galleries, and experience multiple family-friendly organizations-all for free! The event takes place inside the Museum, in Hemming Park, and on Laura Street (which will be closed off in front of the building for the day). Sample a wide variety of activities throughout the day for all ages:

  • Sidewalk Chalk Competition
  • Performances by local students 
  • Four square ball games
  • Project Atrium  films 
  • A special menu from NOLA MOCA
  • Educator-led pop-up tours 
  • Local food trucks 
  • New family-friendly items in the MOCA Shop 
  • A few surprise guests
Girl Prepares to Screenprint 885 full
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.
Child Screenprints with her Father 885 full
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.
Mother and Child Build Sculpture 885 full
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Are you a student who would like to perform during MOCA Family Day? There is still time! We are hosting student performances throughout the day, both inside the theater and on the stage in Hemming Park. All types of performances are welcome, whether musical, dance, or other talents. If family members or friends missed your year-end performance, sign up to perform at MOCA Family Day. If you're nervous about an upcoming performance, use this chance to get rid of your butterflies. (Click here to Complete your application form, then email it to Stephanie Jackson.)

Take part in a multitude of art activities provided by MOCA and by other organizations, such as screen-printing in the fifth-floor classrooms, button-making, and Shrinky Dinks at NOLA MOCA. Design your own puzzle piece to add to our collaborative artwork, Pieced Together: A Community Puzzle, in the Art Explorium.

Please remember: Art can get messy. Do not wear your favorite outfit-it might get art on it. 

Child Poses with Maya Hayuk Multiverse 885 full
Image courtesy of Dennis Ho.

Throughout the day, guests younger than 18 are invited to enter the Sidewalk Chalk Competition, which will be held on Laura Street in front of MOCA Jacksonville. Each participant receives a square of street to create a drawing. Subjects can range from famous works of art, favorite characters, summer scenes, Jacksonville landmarks, or whatever sparks your imagination. (Artists, please keep your masterpieces family-friendly.) At the end of the day, prizes will be awarded to the winners. One participant will even win a free week of MOCA Summer Art Camp! For others who would like to sign up for Summer Art Camp, a MOCA Educator will be available throughout the day so you can sign up on the spot.

Children at March Art Walk with Alexander Calder 885 full
Image courtesy of Dennis Ho.

We thank all the Jacksonville organizations  participating in MOCA Family Day, including NOLA MOCAFun4FirstCoastKidsJacksonville Public LibraryMOSHJacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and the CAPtivators. If you would like to take part in MOCA Family Day, simply click here. We invite all family-friendly groups to join us for the day to help spread the word about your family events.

Bring your family, neighbors, and friends to MOCA Family Day on May 6 for a free day of fun, art, music, and much more!

Mother and Child Screen Printing 885 full
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.




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