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The Positive Impacts of Summer Camp @ MOCA

The Positive Impacts of Summer Camp @ MOCA

May 31, 2022 // by MOCA Staff

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Summer Camp @ MOCA provides children the opportunity to learn about and make art, but its mission goes deeper than keeping young minds busy. With the guidance of skilled museum educators, campers are empowered to problem solve through critical thinking, observation, and creative self-expression. They also build confidence while learning new skills, completing projects, and socializing with like-minded campers.  

Parents of past campers have shared stories of their children blossoming during their time at MOCA. One camper found the atmosphere and art projects help him come out of his shell.  

“Our son often gets anxious and overwhelmed in new social situations. He was nervous and self-conscious about trying something new this year. He joined MOCA's art camp and after the first day, he said he loved the camp and was excited about the projects! I heard him opening up and talking with the group, which is a big deal for him! Thank you so much for helping all the kids feel included and accepted. He's been independent, focused, creating and chatting for hours on end. This has been a great social, educational, and artistic experience for him. It's been healthy for his self-confidence too!” 

Another camper loved spending time in the Museum so much she wished she spent the entire summer in the galleries and studio. 

“My daughter truly enjoyed and was almost tearing up when she realized that the week was over. She made me regret not signing up for earlier weeks. It was an amazingly prepared and conducted learning experience.” 

At the core of it all Summer Camp @ MOCA is helping young creatives become artists of our time.  

“My son was a camper last week and he had such a great time. He ran around the house on Friday after we got home to find the perfect spot to display all his projects. We went to MOCA yesterday and he showed his brother and I around the galleries... so awesome. Thank you for taking good care of him, and for teaching all of the kiddos so well.” 

Learn more about Summer Camp @ MOCA, including details about weekly themes, by clicking here.  





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