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Take a tour with an ‘artist whisperer’

Take a tour with an ‘artist whisperer’

August 15, 2016 // by Jaime DeSimone

Spoiler alert: museum professionals are artist whisperers.

Fran ONeill Untitled Confronting the Canvas Members Preview a
Fran O'Neill discusses her Untitled works with a visitor during the members' preview for Confronting the Canvas. Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

I have an ongoing joke with many beloved colleagues, both past and present, about our roles, particularly in regards to living artists. For me, we are one vehicle to support them and their work and are often translators and communicators on their behalf. Built upon months, sometimes years of trust and shared passions, I take a great amount of pride in being able to serve artists in this capacity. And while I would love to house each artist in Jacksonville throughout an exhibition's run, it is simply impossible. Thus, we rely on our highly qualified staff to act as their surrogates, aka “artist whisperers,” in a variety of ways. One of us leads a tour each third Thursday.

On August 18, we focus on Confronting the Canvas: Women of Abstraction. the final tour before the exhibition closes on September 4. If you cannot join us for the tour, then feel free to listen to my interview on the podcast Lets Talk Art with Brooke.

Reserve your spot on the August 18 Third Thursday Tour today. 




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