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Meet Our Interns from North Florida School for Special Education

Meet Our Interns from North Florida School for Special Education

May 2, 2022 // by MOCA Staff

NFSSE interns 1

We would like to introduce you to Christopher and Jack! They are our current interns from North Florida School for Special Education. We started our partnership with the school in 2019 as part of their Transition Program that serves students aged 18-22 with various intellectual and developmental differences. The program is designed to provide older students with continuing education that focuses predominantly on vocational and independent living skills, while honing their social skills, professional behavior, and strong work ethic.

The main goal of the program is to promote learning that directly links the young adult's educational program with their plans for the future, addressing the categories of employability, daily living, community living, personal life, and lifelong learning.

MOCA's role in this is to provide a professional working environment that will support these students in reaching their goals. Christopher and Jack join us every Thursday to help complete administrative tasks, assembly projects, prep art supplies for our art classes, and assemble our Meet Me @ MOCA kits that bring the power of arts education to students in schools, even when they can't join us at the Museum. These opportunities empower the students develop their skills and explore the kinds of opportunities that may be available to them after leaving school.

We look forward to seeing the great work these students will continue to do in the community as they grow and learn.





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