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Making art in the hospital helped her focus on ‘good things to come’

Making art in the hospital helped her focus on ‘good things to come’

July 21, 2016 // by MOCA Staff

Robin Price enjoys the same things most 15-year-olds do: cartoons, food, fashion, and anything that deals with creativity. Her imagination became a great source of strength during a long stay at the hospital.

That's where she became involved with Art with a Heart in Healthcare, a nonprofit that provides personalized fine art experiences to enhance the healing process for patients and families at Wolfson Children's Hospital and Nemours Children's Clinic. Patients in the program, sponsored by First Tennessee Foundation, partner with artists-in-residence who bring out their natural talents and expand their art-making skills while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness during their hospital experience.

Robin's painting My Crazy Imagination is on display for Inside the Outline: Art with a Heart in Healthcare August 6 through December 4. The exhibition features silhouettes of the patient-artists brought to life by their paintings of colorful patterns, favorite foods, landscapes, and particular interests. An opening reception for the exhibition is 2-4 p.m. Sunday, August 7, in the Florida Blue Education Gallery on MOCA Jacksonville's fifth floor.

We asked Robin a few questions about participating in the program.

Robin Price Portrait b
"When I'm creating art, I'm a bubbling cauldron of emotions," Robin Price said. Image courtesy of Robin Price.

What made you want to participate in Art with a Heart?

It seemed like it could be a distraction from the long hospitalization I was having at the time.

What is it like working with the artists-in-residence?

It was fun working with all of them, really. Some were nice and laid-back, and others were more energetic. Working with these different personalities with their different art styles was AMAZING! I never felt like I was drawing in a boring classroom with them but in a fun and comfortable environment.

What are your favorite things about Art with a Heart?

They give you FREE art supplies! I've been drawing since elementary school, and I noticed that when it comes to being an artist, it's not cheap! The artists that are there to draw or paint with the kids are so nice; that makes drawing feel even better when you have cool people around you who have the same interest. The last thing is that they are there in the hospital, and you don't have to travel to them. If Art with a Heart was not there in the hospital, my long hospital stay at Wolfson's probably would've made me think less about all the good things to come after the stay but the horrible things going on at the time.

What art supplies do you like to use?

I use ANYTHING I can get my hands on! Though if I had to choose favorites, it would be: Faber-Castell ink pens, Pigma Micron ink pens, Copic markers, REALLY GOOD mechanical pencils, HUGE erasers, putty erasers, and marker/colored pencil blenders. Plus, I like to carry a small sketch book with me when I can.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Not to sound conceited or anything, but it would be myself at the moment. I just can't pick a favorite yet because I'm still exploring different art and different styles.

Robin Price Inside the Outline Silhouette c
Robin Priice, My Crazy Imagination, 2016. Acrylic on canvas.

How do you feel when you're creating art?

When I'm creating art, I'm a bubbling cauldron of emotions; reason being is that I want to take my art always to another level. So I'll feel happy one moment, then in a snap I would want to know what exactly am I actually drawing! I'll be thinking I'm doing great then WAM! Art block happens, then the emotions begin to rise and bubble. Crazy thing is at the end of it all, I'll be happy I finished and almost always love the finished product.

What is your favorite project you've done with Art with a Heart?

The one that is being displayed in MOCA because it was one of the most fun projects that I've done.

Do you ever work on art projects on your own?

YES! I draw almost every day or anytime that I can. I draw everything really, but I love to draw doodle compilations or people. Mainly cartoon or animated characters, if I choose to draw people.

Have you learned any art techniques you did not know before participating in Art with a Heart?

Yes, I have! I learned how to draw a person sleeping and how acrylic paint makes everything look a thousand times better (sometimes).

What do you think about your work being on display in MOCA Jacksonville? Have you or your family ever seen your work in the exhibition?

I'M SO HAPPY I COULD BURST! I'm also very grateful for this opportunity. Some of my family have seen it, but not all them; and yes, I have.

How do you want others to feel when they look at your artwork?

I want them to feel happy and develop more intricate feelings while they continue to observe it, picking out new findings as their eyes travel and explore my artwork.

Robin Price Silhouette Comparison a
Robin Price created her silhouette painting My Crazy Imagination with Art with a Heart in Healthcare.




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