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Have we met? MOCA Jacksonville's new identity

January 11, 2016 // by Denise M. Reagan

MOCA Jacksonville has always brought you cutting-edge art, artists, and ideas of our time. Now MOCA has the style to match. You wouldn't expect any less from a cultural institute of the University of North Florida.

Today, MOCA Jacksonville introduces a new identity that spans all of its print and digital products, from signage on the building and Museum directories to email communications and social media accounts. This new look embodies the sophisticated, metropolitan institution MOCA has become. The Museum's self-curated exhibitions, three-story-tall Project Atrium installations, growing Permanent Collection, innovative public programs, and interactive educational offerings for children and families have developed a reputation beyond Northeast Florida.

“With this reinvented identity, MOCA Jacksonville is poised to continue its growth on a national scale, highlighting Northeast Florida as a burgeoning center for arts and culture,” said Marcelle Polednik, director and chief curator. “This work is the culmination of a multiyear process of identifying our strengths and goals.”

Visitors Look at Jenny Morgans Brand New

The new identity is centered around a contemporary logo, designed by MOCA Creative Director Casie Simpson to encompass the key ideas behind the Museum:

  • Reflective: The shapes reflect each other, just as MOCA Jacksonville is a place to reflect on the art, artists, and ideas of our time.
  • Magnetic: MOCA Jacksonville attracts the community through its singular exhibitions and programs.
  • Infinite: The forms create an infinity connection that evokes the lasting impact of contemporary art.
  • Welcoming: The marks face each other, forming an optical illusion of gates opening toward you, just as MOCA Jacksonville opens doors and minds.
  • Colorful: The logo appears in many different colors, hues, and shades, depicting the many moods and perspectives offered at the Museum.
  • Transformational: The ribbon form folds over itself continuously, just as MOCA Jacksonville provides transformative learning experiences.
  • A Cultural Institute of UNF: The strong partnership between MOCA Jacksonville and UNF is central to our new logo, and the addition of the word “institute” better describes the Museum as an academic think tank.
Members View The New York Times Magazine Photographs Exhibition
MOCA Identity Print Materials Membership
Image courtesy of Doug Eng.
MOCA Identity Print Materials Note Cards
Image courtesy of Doug Eng.

The pinnacle of the new look is a state-of-the-art website at a brand new location: As the digital face of MOCA Jacksonville, the website is often the first interaction visitors, artists, lenders, sponsors, galleries, and other museums have with the Museum. The website, designed by Simpson and Director of Communications Denise M. Reagan and built in collaboration with Marian Watters and Pasquale Caiazzo from UNF Information Technology Services, features:

  • Responsive design: Use any device from desktop to mobile to view the site. With more than 40 percent MOCA's traffic using mobile, the site helps visitors access additional information about exhibitions while they're at the Museum.
  • Easy navigation: Find your way in one click or tap.
  • Contemporary typefaces: Idlewild and Gotham appear everywhere the site is viewed.
  • Gorgeous images: Every page reflects the great diversity in our community.
  • Events: Simple sorting tool helps you find public programs, children's initiatives, tours, food and cocktail gatherings, and more.
  • Research tool: Artist profiles and exhibition pages live long before and long after exhibitions.
  • Rich multimedia: Video and audio are seamlessly built into most pages with a user-friendly interface.
  • Real-time announcements: See MOCA's hours, holidays, and helpful messages on every page.
  • Social media: MOCA Jacksonville's live social media feeds from FacebookInstagram, and Twitter appear on every page.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the new website is the MOCA Blog, a place to find behind-the-scenes stories about the Museum, from major news to fascinating perspectives to entertaining anecdotes. Read interviews with MOCA artists, learn how exhibitions are built from beginning to end, find tour curriculum from MOCA's educational staff, see what's happening in the world of contemporary art, and much more. All staff members will contribute to the MOCA Blog, plus you'll find guest bloggers, such as UNF faculty, exhibition artists, program speakers, and members of the Board of Trustees. Sign up to follow the MOCA Blog and receive updates each week.


A Parent and Child View Project Atrium Joelle Dietrick

The new identity is built into every aspect of the Museum, from exhibition design to new materials for visitors, all designed in-house by MOCA staff. Visit MOCA Jacksonville in person to receive user-friendly, color-coded directories to help you navigate each floor. Pick up vibrant new posters highlighting upcoming events. Check out the smart merchandise in the MOCA Shop. Look for the vivid signage spanning the windows of the Museum and eye-catching posters popping up around Jacksonville. Fresh fliers promoting MOCA will blanket the airport, hotels, and other locations, and clever coasters will arrive at bars and restaurants.

This week, MOCA's members are receiving slick new membership cards they can be proud to display. MOCA is asking members to shoot selfies with their new cards, post them on social media, and invite their friends to #MeetMOCAjax.

MOCA Jacksonville has always provided amenities for those who have disabilities, such as elevator access to all areas of the Museum and guided tours. Now MOCA is offering helpful additions like these:

  • Exhibitions feature easy-to-read wall text and object labels.
  • Audio guides are provided for selected objects.
  • Large-print handouts are available at the front desk.
  • MOCA will provide closed captioning for all videos it produces.

Come meet the new MOCA Jacksonville. We can't wait to see you!




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