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Get a grasp of graffiti at Art Fusion in Hemming Park

Get a grasp of graffiti at Art Fusion in Hemming Park

August 29, 2016 // by Stephanie Jackson

Kevin Peterson's Street Light is a study in contrasts. A young girl holding a baby is painted in as pristine, photorealistic style with light colors over a smooth surface. They are juxtaposed against a gritty background of soiled graffiti over a textured surface that includes metal mesh.

Art Fusion Kevin Peterson Street Light Get Real Members Preview d
Kevin Peterson attends the members' preview for Get Real in September 2014. Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Graffiti-strewn environments are one of the distinguishing features in Peterson's paintings and the inspiration for this month's Art Fusion in Hemming Park on Sunday, September 4.

Peterson's Street Light appeared in MOCA Jacksonville's Get Real: New American Painting exhibition in 2014 and has become a favorite object in the Permanent Collection among visitors. A lone streetlight glows from above the picture plane, lighting the subjects and casting much of the background in shadow. The two figures pop from the canvas in striking, bright detail. The baby seems to stare directly at you, no matter where you stand! Behind them, a wall that looks rough, faded, and worn by the elements sinks into the darkness.

Art Fusion Kevin Peterson Street Light Painting c
Kevin Peterson, Street Light, 2012. Oil on panel with metal. 46.5 x 71 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, California.

Inspired by this memorable painting, you can try your hand at graffiti in a safe (and legal) setting. If you've never created graffiti before, we have guides to help you practice. Once you've chosen your style, create your letters in the bright colors of your choice. Then choose a material to create your background wall, such as aluminum foil to mimic the metal Peterson uses.

After you've finished your masterpiece, head across the street to MOCA Jacksonville. Children who show their artwork at the front desk receive free admission. Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders receive free admission during Museums on Us the first weekend of each month.

Art Fusion Kevin Peterson Graffiti Tags b
Image courtesy of Kiersten Lampe.




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