Event Notes: MOCA’s Event Coordinator, Tamara Lumsden on how to plan a safe wedding in 2021 with a Micro Wedding or Minimony " />
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Event Notes: MOCA’s Event Coordinator, Tamara Lumsden on how to plan a safe wedding in 2021

Event Notes: MOCA’s Event Coordinator, Tamara Lumsden on how to plan a safe wedding in 2021

February 12, 2021 // by MOCA Staff

photo by Christina Karst

Many aspects of life at the Museum have been touched by the changes of the past year, including event rentals. But despite calls for social distancing, mask wearing, and capacity restrictions, events have adapted. It goes without saying that 2020 forced many couples to rethink, postpone or cancel their traditional wedding plans due to the pandemic. Large parties turned into intimate gatherings. Families traveling from across the country can now tune into a live stream. Instead of stressing over pleasing hundreds of guests, couples are enjoying the company of a close group. Although intimate weddings have always been a niche preference for some couples, the trend has accelerated. Both micro weddings and minimonies are characterized by smaller guest counts but have a few differences that make them better suited for different couples.    

What is a Micro Wedding?    

A micro wedding has no more than 50 guests, otherwise, they are similar to a large-scale wedding. While this might not be the grand affair some dreamed of, a smaller guest list comes with its perks-and can still be extravagant. In some cases, even more so. I can imagine a bride reading this, who previously had a 200-person wedding planned, absolutely dismissing this idea for her wedding.  However, you may be surprised by the perks that come along with a smaller guest count. 

Oftentimes, a wedding budget forces couples to compromise on a few details to accommodate more guests. With a micro wedding, couples can either save money or stick to a large budget and maximize the experience. For example, splurging on a fancier dinner, swapping garden chairs for chivari or ghost chairs, upgrading from a cash bar to an open bar, having a band instead of a DJ, or even allocating more money to the honeymoon.    

This model is very similar to destination weddings, which typically have smaller guest counts and cater to guests by paying for hotel rooms, attractions, and outings. With this in mind, couples could look at a micro weddings as a staycation wedding-booking stays and activities right here in Jacksonville that will make for an unforgettable event.    

Event Suit on Colorful Wall (Square)
Event White Flowers Table Setup (Square)


A minimony is a mini ceremony held with a limited group of loved ones, not to exceed 10 guests. Unlike a micro wedding, minimonies are held with the intention to have a larger celebration at a later date, or a sequel wedding.    

Couples who choose this route usually want to honor their original wedding date or have other legal obligations. This is not to be confused with an elopement or a court ceremony. At a minimony, couples still get dressed up, recite vows, and maybe opt for a handful of other traditions, such as first dance.   

Most couples who have a minimony book two dates with their venue and select vendors: one date for the minimony and a second for their sequel wedding. Photographers can capture both events, florists can put together bouquets that tie into larger arrangements for the later date, and bakeries can create mini cakes that resemble the multi-tier dessert made to feed a crowd.    

The sequel wedding is essentially the reception. This model is often practiced in cultural weddings, where wedding activities are split into multiple days, so it's not unusual for the industry. At a later date, whenever that may be, couples can have the extended guest list celebrate-or lean into the small gatherings with a micro wedding.     


MOCA's wedding packages are already all-inclusive and customizable, so it makes it easy to navigate changes in your wedding journey. As our on-site wedding planner, I can tailor your wedding experience providing you full event planning services every step of the way. Though the art museum may seem large, our galleries and atrium provide intimate, dynamic spaces for small guest counts.  MOCA can provide a smooth wedding journey curated to your taste. Whether big or small, we want to be a part of making this memory special and unique for you.  





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