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Construct an ornament inspired by Nicola López

Construct an ornament inspired by Nicola López

December 1, 2016 // by Denise M. Reagan

Based on the strong steel and delicate Mylar prints in Nicola López's Project Atrium installation, construct a holiday ornament at Art Fusion during Downtown Art Walk on December 7.

Art Fusion Ornaments b
Image courtesy of Stephanie Jackson.

López's works include drawings, collage, prints, and installations. One of her previous installations, Closed System, combined woodcut Mylar prints, wire mesh, chains, lights, cords and zip ties. The ornamental sculpture created a focal point on the ceiling in the Brooklyn Academy of Music and inspired this Art Fusion project.

After heading to a classroom on the fifth floor, bend wire into the shape you want your ornament to take. Educators and volunteers can assist if you need help bending your wire. Then use beads, yarn, and felt to decorate your ornament. String beads on the wire to create patterns. Wrap yarn around the wire to create bright punches of color. Glue felt to the wire to create details. The options are only limited by your imagination!

Once you finish your ornament, head to the Atrium Gallery to view López's installation. Notice her use of shiny steel, which recalls the wire in your ornament. López skins the Project Atrium structure with Mylar prints just as your ornament uses beads, yarn, and felt. A Gentle Defiance of Gravity and Form can be seen as a building within a building. In this environmental sculpture constructed specifically for the Atrium Gallery space, Lopez leaves interpretation of the work to viewers. She provides some information but asks visitors to create the story.




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