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#ibelieveinMOCA because art matters

#ibelieveinMOCA because art matters

December 17, 2016 // by Denise M. Reagan

You won't find a group of people more devoted to MOCA Jacksonville than its Board of Trustees. These passionate community members give their time and donate their money to support the exhibitions, programs, and education initiatives that allow MOCA to bring the art, artists, and ideas of our time to Northeast Florida. We asked them to share some of the reasons why each says #ibelieveinMOCA.

ibelieveinMOCA Karen Bower
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Karen Bower

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
of its commitment to youth and education programs.

ibelieveinMOCA Alicia Somers
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Alicia D. Somers

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
the artists and exhibitions expand and engage my thoughts around a variety of subjects.
it creates an artistic space for artists to explore new ideas and first-time creations.

IbelieveinMOCA Judy Eisen
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Judy Eisen

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
it's one of the most important cultural institutions in the Jacksonville area.
the art exhibits are wonderful, and the staff is great. 

Cameron McVey Lucie

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
downtown needs MOCA. 
art is powerful.
the discourse is crucial. 
it's cool to be smart. 
knowledge is power. 
art is education.
I am human.
art makes me happy.
I like things that make me think. 

ibelieveinMOCA Sally Singletary
Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Sally H. Singletary

#believeinmoca because …
art matters.
downtown needs MOCA.
MOCA enhances lives.
MOCA=art education.

ibelieveinMOCA David Engdahl
Image courtesy of Dennis Ho.

David Engdahl

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
MOCA broadens the horizons of individuals of all ages and the whole community.

Alison Lee at Project Atrium Shinique Smith Members Preview Crop a
Alison Lee attends the members' preview for Project Atrium: Shinique Smith. Image courtesy of Thomas Hager.

Alison Lee

#ibelieveinMOCA because …
it's where I get my culture fix.




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