Hannah Keats


Hannah Keats

Hannah Keats is based in St. Augustine, Florida, where she focuses on creating surreal and abstract paintings inspired by nature and her environmental activism. Keats graduated from the University of North Florida in 2020. In conjunction with her love for surrealism, she also makes prints that delve into the current political atmosphere. 

Keats has exhibited art in several galleries and shows in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Cape Canaveral, and Melbourne, Florida. Keats was awarded a scholarship in 2019 to study art in Italy and Croatia with the University of North Florida.[1]

Keats recently was an honorable mention at the Pre[serve] 2020 art exhibition at the University of North Florida. The exhibition highlighted the many beautiful creatures and plant life in the Sawmill Slough Preserve, which is a spot that Keats can frequently be seen painting and drawing at, when she isn't in her studio.



[1] https://www.hannahkeatsartwork.com/about