Brittany Gravely


Brittany Gravely

Brittany Gravely is a publicist and designer at Harvard Film Archive in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is a founding member of the artist-run film lab AgX. Gravely graduated from the University of North Florida in 1995. She is an experimental 16mm filmmaker and visual artist. Films in the Harvard Film Archive collection include earlier works that she wrote, directed, edited, and sound designed. The works included are her School of the Museum of Fine Arts thesis film from 2001, Introduction to Living in a Closed System, and her ecological "horror" film Blood of the Earthworm (2006).[1]

Gravely has worked and collaborated in expanded cinema projects and installations such as Architecture of the Sun with artist Jennifer Pipp, which featured live music with manipulated, dual 16mm projections in clubs, theaters, and galleries. Gravely and artist/musician Ken Linehan have experimented in an expanded film project called Magical Approach. Pieces from their collaboration include Telekinesis Lesson 6 (2018), Prologue to the Tarot: Glenna (2018), Willa (2018) and First Hypnotic Suggestion (2020). 

Gravely's films have screened internationally, reaching from New York Film Festival, New York Underground, Chicago Underground, Toronto International Film Festival, to Berlin's Fracto. Notable Venues also include ICA Boston, RISD Museum, MIT, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Mexico City's Estudios Churobusco, Kino Palais in Buenos Aires and more. In addition to showing her films, Gravely also occasionally participates in the curation of short film programs. Some of these programs include programs such as Cinematic Disobedience in 2012 and 2013. More recently in 2017 and 2018, Gravely put short programs together in Jacksonville for the Sleeping Giant Film Festival, which included “Learning to Be Human: The Open-Ended Educational Film.”