Seth Charles


Seth Charles

Seth Charles is a studio artist and Director of Ceramics at Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Charles holds a BFA from the University of North Florida (2012) and an MFA degree from Central Washington University.

Seth Charles has been a professor of visual art at State College of Florida and Central Washington University and has lectured and led workshops around the country. Charles has been a long-term artist in resident at The Clay Studio of Missoula and Morean Center for Clay. Seth is co-owner of A&S Kiln Building and Consultation Services and has built wood fired kilns at multiple schools and clay centers across the country including Washington, Vermont, Montana, and Florida.

Artist Statement:

“My work is inspired by the irregular beauty of the natural world and is made in response to the quickly growing trend toward digitalization in contemporary society. Created through a nature based aesthetic paradigm, the work directly rejects the ideals of beauty and perfection found in western society. The sculptures are generally small and compact, quiet, and inward-orientated. They invite the viewer to get closer and inspire a reduction of the physical distance between object and person, providing a sensory experience that rewards examination and reflection.”[1]