Doug Eng

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Doug Eng is a photographer and installation artist whose work aims to raise awareness of various environmental issues. He has an educational and professional background as an engineer and software programmer. A Jacksonville native, Eng received his BS and MEng in Structural Engineering and architecture from Cornell University. His technical science background provides him with a unique skill set that he utilizes in his photographs. Eng ultimately decided photography would be his main medium in which he could fully capture and communicate his ideas to the world.

Throughout his career Eng has received a wide amount of domestic praise from institutions across the United States. According to his website, he was selected as a Critical Mass Finalist three times and his work has been featured in numerous formal exhibitions. His artistic pursuits have taken him all over the continental United States, from the intercostals of Florida to the Red Wood Forest in California. He has also traveled internationally, visiting different parts of Asia and photographing the streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo for his 2012 series Impressions of a Place

Eng's work consistently examines the various states and stages of nature and the landscape around him. His work is dedicated to contributing to conservationism and the preservation of the landscape. Themes of being environmentally conscious and capturing the history of a place through the nature of the area and its landscapes are present in his work. A good example of this would be his 2008 series called On Fertile Ground, which consists of photographs of his family's 65-year-old farm in Jacksonville that had just been sold. Eng stated that “I photographed what remained on the property to record our family legacy. These images tell a story of an immigrant family's success in America and contains and emotional expression of personal memories and reconciliations of the past.”