Lawrence Voytek

Lawrence Voytek is an American sculptor known for his collaborations with painter and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg. Voytek has served as a consultant for art installations as well as fabrication and restoration processes with national and international institutions. 

Voytek hold a BA in sculpture from the Rohde Island School of Design in Providence. Following his graduation in 1982, Voytek was hired to work as a fine art fabricator in Robert Rauschenberg's Captiva Island studio. Rauschenberg credited Voytek as an instrumental figure in helping to overcome technical challenges through his extensive knowledge in engineering and welding. Voytek continued his work with Rauschenberg until Rauschenberg's death in 2008, after which Voytek opted to continue his exploration of the intersection between life and the arts. 

Voytek is also a member of the band Sonic Combine, often referred to as the “Robert Rauschenberg Studio House Band.” With fellow bandmates Kat Epple and Laurence Getford, Voytek performs progressive, electronic, acoustic, and art music as well as sound timbres on mental sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and the Theremin. These original pieces consist of an “abstract sound” that aims to evoke powerful emotion, oscillating on a spectrum of musical and discordant.

Voytek's works can be found in a number of corporate and private collections. 


“Sonic Combine” AKA “The Robert Rauschenberg Studio House Band”