Daniel Rozin


Artist Profile Daniel Rozin

Merging the geometric with the participatory, New York-based Daniel Rozin's practice as sculptor explores the psychology of mirrored reflection and engages in the craft of robotics and computer vision. Grounded in gestures of the body, the mirror is a central theme of his practice. Celebrated for their kinetic and interactive properties, Rozin's sculptures change and respond to the presence of viewers in real time. The three pieces on view demonstrate a wide range of approaches toward material and how images are constructed in a picture plane. Hundreds of motors are synchronized in the Penguins Mirror and Angles Mirror. These works rely on computer vision and perform rotational behaviors in real-time. Self-Centered Mirror has a retro-reflective behavior-standing in front of the mirror, viewers will see themselves reflected on all thirty-four panes.

Image courtesy of the Artist.