Learn & Color

Learn & Color

January 24, 2023

You may recognize this sculpture! It stands tall in front of MOCA Jacksonville in the heart of downtown.  

Rosburg Sculpture_580
James A. Rosburg, Harlan, 1994. Painted aluminum, 16’H x 8’W x 10’L. MOCA Jacksonville Permanent Collection, Gift of BP Graham, LLC.

The cool thing about sculpture is that it is 3D. The artist wants you to walk around his sculptures to see everyday shapes and forms in a new, unique way. What shapes do you see when you look at this sculpture?

Rosburg  was born in Sioux City, Iowa in 1957. He now lives and works in South Florida. This sculpture is named Harlan. He named it after Harlan, Iowa, where his mother grew up. If you were to make a sculpture about the city or area you live in, what would it look like?  Draw, paint or sculpt an artwork about the city you live and post it on social media. Tag us at @mocajax on Instagram, or @MOCA Jacksonville on Facebook and Twitter and we will share it with our thousands of followers!

Click here for a coloring sheet of James Rosburg's Harlan . Share your coloring with us online by tagging us on social media, and we will share it too!

 About the artwork:

James A. Rosburg

Harlan, 1994

painted aluminum

16'H x 8'W x 10'L

MOCA Jacksonville Permanent Collection, Gift of BP Graham, LLC