See: UNF 2020 Virtual Senior Exhibition

UNF 2020 Virtual Senior Exhibition

May 22, 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 Senior class of the University of North Florida Department of Art and Design! In celebration of their incredible accomplishment, we launched our first virtual exhibition to share artwork by Seniors from the UNF Painting &Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Graphic Design & Digital Media programs. Click the link below to enter the exhibition, and read more about each student and their works below.


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UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_alivictor_27546_7331549_headshot

Victor Ali

There is a relationship between automation and maker or technology's role of relieving us from labor, allowing us to be more fully formed human beings; It frees up time to focus on more important things such as love, peace, health, and harmony. As a species we can advance on planet earth, cultivating our technology whilst our computers improve harmoniously alongside nature. I want to contribute to the conversation happening by expressing my vision of a minimal future using industrial materials like concrete, metal or neon light, that when composed together allude to the technological quality of assembly, augmentation and engineering, while still holding that sense of wholeness and fluidity found in our natural world.

You can follow Victor Ali on Instagram here: @Victoraliart

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_alivictor_27546_7283312_VictorAli_03
Victor Ali, The Space Between Earth and Sky, 2020. Wood and sheet metal. 10 x 34 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_alivictor_27546_7283304_VictorAli_01
Victor Ali, River, 2020. Wood and sheet metal. 42 x 13 inches.  
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_alivictor_27546_7283306_VictorAli_02
Victor Ali, Obsidian, 2020. Wood and sheet metal. 24 x 24 inches.  





UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_bacontammy_45178_7324817_TammyinItalyedit

Tammy Bacon

When I think about ceramics, I think about art and practicality. I am drawn to ceramics by the functionality, versatility, and tactile nature of it. The hand building process feeds my need to be hands-on. Handling the clay is intimate, and I respond to its needs like a caretaker. I use geometric shapes and bright colors to create unique pottery that doesn't look functional, but is very functional.

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_bacontammy_45178_7262286_Bacon_Tammy_2
Tammy Bacon, Multi-purpose Place Setting, 2020. Ceramic. Varying dimensions.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_boudreausavanna_20897_7325961_IMG_8803

Savanna Boudreau

This photographic series features panoramic collages of historical architecture across the East Coast that have either changed to help the community or the community has made drastic changes with them through each city. Each piece connects five different collaged scenes of structures within the city that were once something else. The use of little to no figures within these compositions emphasizes the architecture. Through my other formats of photography, however, you will find true emotions along with the evolution of vast landscapes, cityscapes, and lighting scenarios.

You can follow Savanna Boudrea on Instagram here: @_savannaboudreau_

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_boudreausavanna_20897_7272253_BoudreauSavanna_1-1
Savanna Boudreau, Panoramic History, 2020. Mutli-image pieced together/ Nikon D750, 58 x 15 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_boudreausavanna_20897_7272267_Boudreau_Savanna_2-1
Savanna Boudreau, Panoramic History, 2020. Mutli-image pieced together/ Nikon D750, 58 x 15 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_boudreausavanna_20897_7272358_BoudreauSavanna_3-1
Savanna Boudreau, Panoramic History, 2020. Mutli-image pieced together/ Nikon D750, 58 x 15 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carleeandrew_18741_7330950_DrewProfilePic-web_2

Andrew Carlee

In this body of work, I explore organic and geometric forms using the abstract nature of outer space through my use of acrylic paint. The fast process of acrylic painting allows for the immediate disruption of organic elements brought forth by an artificial geometric environment. Shattering these environments, through the use of various bold colors, influences how the viewer approaches and enters the work. The use of color also shows where the inorganic shape has broken the borders of an environment and interrupted natural flow. Each artwork is its own space, while the subject matter is the same.

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carleeandrew_18741_7277653_CarleeAndrew_02
Drew Carlee, Bridges to the Crown, 2020. Acrylic on paper, 24 x 36 inches
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carleeandrew_18741_7277652_CarleeAndrew_01
Drew Carlee, Shattered Kings of Hierarchy, 2020. Acrylic on paper, 24 x 36 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carverdarbyfinal

Darby Carver

Exchanging the value of art from the object, or concept of the object, to the process is a core foundation of my work. It goes deeper than the visual of the piece: each material used is an element that progresses the narrative. Strong communication is the foundation for any good relationship with someone. By creating pathways, energies can flow to and from and strengthen connections between people. These objects are relics from a video piece I created, titled “People Who Never Leave Their Home: Episode 1”. The video reflects on the absurdity of only creating art to exist within your own space told through the interview of self-proclaimed artist Dill Carter. The clay food is featured in the video as the artist's work, crafted from his own feces. I feel it important to showcase Dill Carter's work and extend his presence as an artist.

Click here to watch “People Who Never Leave Their Home: Episode 1”

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carverdarby_52708_7283236_Carver_Darby_01-1
Darby Carver, Fake Food Fake Art (Pizza), 2020. Oil Based Clay and Oil Pastel, 4 x 4 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carverdarby_52708_7283237_Carver_Darby_02-1
Darby Carver, Fake Food Fake Art (Cake), 2020. Oil Based Clay and Oil Pastel, 6 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_carverdarby_52708_7283239_Carver_Darby_03-1
Darby Carver, Fake Food Fake Art (Sandwich), 2020. Oil Based Clay and Oil Pastel, 6 x 6 inches. 



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_cooperbear_31855_7332685_IMG_2401

Bear Cooper

As an artist, I am driven by the idea of cathartic creation. In my work, I seek to understand my past, release myself from its grasp, and find inner peace. As such, my work is a visual record of the emotional work that goes into reclaiming my bodily agency and identity from trauma and mental illness. In this series, I cut and re-assemble large, textured paintings to create a representation of the depersonalization that occurs as a result of sexual trauma. In their creation, these paintings inspired questions that I needed to ask: Is it okay to leave pieces of yourself in the past? Can you use what remains after trauma to form something new?

You can follow Bear Cooper on Instagram here: @bearmaidart

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_cooperbear_31855_7275836_Cooper_Bear_3
Bear Cooper, Remainder, 2020. Oil on wood, 13 x 48 inches.
UNF Senior Exhibition cooperbear_31855_7275834_Cooper_Bear_1 (2)web5
Bear Cooper, Vestige, (detail) 2020. Oil on wood, 12.5 x 48 inches.
Bear Cooper, Vestige, 2020. Oil on wood, 12.5 x 48 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_corsijoann_47638_7331325_photographofyou

Jojo Corsi

As we carry on through life, we are faced with difficulties that challenge us and ultimately make us stronger as individuals. This body of work explores a poetic transition from one place to the next. I captured various landscapes allowing the viewer to escape to new realities through a magical door, a door of which I designed and constructed myself. The door symbolizes new opportunities and changes that can lead to a different stage in one's life. My goal is for the audience to get lost in these images while also remembering that once one door closes, another always opens.

You can follow Jojo Corsi on Instagram here: @photoby.jojo

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_corsijoann_47638_7279814_JojoCorsi_1
Jojo Corsi, Chapters, 2020. Photography, 16 x 20 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_corsijoann_47638_7279816_JojoCorsi_3
Jojo Corsi, Chapters, 2020. Photography, 16 x 20 inches.
UNF Senior 2020 Exhibition_corsijoann_47638_7279815_JojoCorsi_2
Jojo Corsi, Chapters, 2020. Photography, 16 x 20 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_curciodonato_36841_7340429_photo-web2-1

Donato Curcio         

Our world, at the moment, is overcrowded with competitive design and artistic expression. The search for something new and unique drives billion-dollar businesses to push out as much content as possible. This has left little to expect or look forward to regarding future artistic endeavors, especially for those who don't particularly care for the nuances of academic (elitist) art. This concept is what motivates me to create impactful pieces that can be appreciated for their basic details. Color in relation to nostalgia and emotion is something I try to incorporate into majority of my pieces, not only because it commands attention but because the appreciation of pure color is oftentimes overlooked. While bombarded with design, my catharsis is to create the art I'd like to see (escape with).

You can follow Donato Curcio on Instagram here: @Thatscortex

Donato Curcio, Freakshow, 2020. Prismacolor pencil on watercolor paper, 20 x 28  inches. 
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_curciodonato_36841_7270026_Curcio_Donato_2-2
Donato Curcio, It's All A Circus, 2020. Prismacolor pencil on watercolor paper, 20 x 28 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_curciodonato_36841_7270035_Curcio_Donato_3-2
Donato Curcio, Divided We Fall, 2020. Prismacolor marker and oil paint on watercolor paper, 22 x 30 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_dragunatjulianne_26676_7323169_IMG_9216

Julianne Dragunat

My photographic approach is to highlight the unseen beauty of the world through light and air. My work explores the beauty of the environment with human models. Often referencing the dichotomy between humans and nature, I work with a DSLR camera to create my work because of its ease, and because of the ability to manipulate the image during post-processing. I believe in capturing the light made by nature and limiting the use of flashes and strobes in my work.

You can follow Julianne Dragunat on Instagram here:  @juliannerosephotography

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibiition_dragunatjulianne_26676_7211917_JulianneDragunat_1
Julianne Dragunat, Human Nature, 2020. Inkjet Prints w/Embroidery Thread, 8 x10 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_dragunatjulianne_26676_7211919_JulianneDragunat_2
Julianne Dragunat, Human Nature, 2020.  Inkjet Prints w/Embroidery Thread, 8 x10 inches.
UNF 2020 Student Exhibition_dragunatjulianne_26676_7211920_JulianneDragunat_3
Julianne Dragunat, Human Nature, 2020. Inkjet Prints w/Embroidery Thread, 8 x10 inches. 



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_echolsdeja_14464_7330215_1588211461.688962-3

 Deja Echols

Black representation matters. In a world where being black is like having a target on your chest, activism is essential to how we enact change. Having a voice is not enough. Creating work that raises awareness to social injustice, is integral to my work. Black representation is essential to shaping the way the black community perceives itself. The power of representation is extremely important, as it shapes not only self-perception, but also the way other communities view the black community. I want to present the black community to the public and create a connection between the viewer and the subject. By using phrases like “your son,” “your daughter,” “your brother,” and “your coworker,” I educate and expose the viewer to the humanity of a world that they might not have access to.

You can follow Deja Echols on Instagram here: @prckly.pear

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_echolsdeja_14464_7283328_Echols_Deja_01-1
Deja Echols, Hye Won Hye, 2020. Woodcut Relief, 33 x 49 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_echolsdeja_14464_7283329_Echols_Deja_02-1
Deja Echols, Hye Won Hye, 2020. Woodcut Relief, 33 x 49 inches.




UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_frankalexis_20012_7329015_AF1

Alexis Frank

In the world we live in today, body image has played a large role in how we define ourselves. In part, this is because of the large influence that social media has on our everyday lives. This has led to people having body dysmorphic tendencies, and as a side effect, developing unhealthy eating habits. In my work I use triple exposures of the human form to personify the idea of body dysmorphia. The triple exposures distort the figure creating a dream like effect where the viewer can't tell what is going on. While presenting the work I also decided to show the progression and idea of “how we got to this point.” This series provides a commentary on today's society and how we are taught to define our self-image upon the unattainable beauty standards set by social media.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_frankalexis_20012_7260909_Alexis_Frank1
Alexis Frank, Body Dysmorphic Dreams 1, 2020. Inkjet Archival Print, 11 x 17 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_frankalexis_20012_7260910_Alexis_Frank2
Alexis Frank, Body Dysmorphic Dreams 2, 2020. Inkjet Archival Print, 11 x 17 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_frankalexis_20012_7260911_Alexis_Frank3
Alexis Frank, Body Dysmorphic Dreams 3 ,2020. InkjetArchival Print, 11x 17 inches.



Lalaine Garcia

My work relies heavily on storytelling and building connections within one image or throughout a series of images. The stories I tell revolve around various concepts - from imaginative narratives I create myself, to current societal issues that minorities, like me, face in this world. The overall theme in my work is fear, and the extent of the emotion always changes depending on the art itself. The development of these controversial societal issues contributes to the growth of fear, along with the idea that they can potentially worsen over time. My role as an artist is to spread awareness of these issues.

You can follow Lalaine Garcia on Instagram here: @lalaineartgeek

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_garcialalaine_28252_7277684_LalaineGarcia_1
Lalaine Garcia, Cuisine, 2020. Pen and ink wash, 30 x 22 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_garcialalaine_28252_7277686_LalaineGarcia_2
Lalaine Garcia, Healthcare, 2020. Pen and ink wash, 30 x 22 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_garcialalaine_28252_7277687_LalaineGarcia_3
Lalaine Garcia, Education, 2020. Pen and ink wash, 30 x 22 inches. 


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hervasmonica_52860_7328895_20200429_200335-web-2

Monica Hervas

This body of work highlights the difference in gender roles spanning from the boomer generation to the millennial generation using found objects, oil painting, and collage. Using monochromatic color palettes, my goal is to disrupt the past tensions between the two generations and show that although there has been some change, it is a unified shift. My work covers the differences, or lack thereof, that has been made between the two, covering topics such as the housewife, beauty standards, and education. I want to remind the viewers of the leaps that have been accomplished, as well as the progress that can still be made. The goal I hope to achieve with my work is to not only remind both generations of changes they have made, but also to inspire the future generations to continue to do better than the last.

You can follow Monica Hervas on Instagram here: @monicaeh1213

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hervasmonica_52860_7191899_MonicaHervas_1
Monica Hervas, Housewives of Past and Present from “Contrasts Between Generations”, 2020. Oil on aluminum tray, 22 x 13.5 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hervasmonica_52860_7191900_MonicaHervas_2
Monica Hervas, Housewives of Past and Present from “Contrasts Between Generations”, 2020. Oil on copper tray, 23 x 16 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hervasmonica_52860_7191903_MonicaHervas_5
Monica Hervas, Doorways to Education from “Contrasts Between Generations”, 2020. Oil on wood door, 30 x 78.5 inches. 



UNF Senior Exhibition_hinkelkody_29743_7330824_selfie-Web

Kody Hinkel

This series of prints explores sexual assault and the broader societal response to it. 1 out of every 6 American women, approximately 17.7 million overall, have experienced an attempted or completed rape. 82% of all juvenile victims are female, and that number jumps to 90% when referring to adult victims. Out of every 1000 assaults, it is estimated that 995 of the perpetrators walk free. These statistics are staggering, but what's worse is the interrogation of survivors. We tell women they shouldn't have drank so much, worn that skirt, walked down that street. We admonish them for exhibiting the same behavior from which we excuse their attackers. Through my series, “Every 73 Seconds,” I hope to change this. Utilizing mirrors, along with impactful phrasing, this series asks you to confront yourself with the questions often asked of sexual assault survivors.


Kody Hinkel, Would You Say This to Your Sister/Daughter? from “Every 73 Seconds”, 2020. Screenprint on mirror, 12 x 12. 
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hinkelkody_29743_7278816_Hinkel_Kody_02-2
Kody Hinkel, Were You Leading Him On? from “Every 73 Seconds”, 2020. Screenprint on mirror, 12 x 12 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_hinkelkody_29743_7278815_Hinkel_Kody_01-3
Kody Hinkel, Did You Say No? from “Every 73 Seconds”, 2020. Screenprint on mirror, 12 x 12 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_kiereckialexandria_46924_7324812_IMG_0247(2)

Alexandria Kierecki

My work consists of repetitive patterns that either form into a figure or are arranged in a space.  My inspiration of flowers come from regional gardens as well as Nordic and Medieval iterations seen on shields. My interpretation of flowers is that they are delicate, mute, small, submissive, and innocent. So, I have my flowers in my work embody as people, such as myself and other people in my life. My larger works, that look similar to succulents and other larger plants, represent the struggles in my life which include death, anger, and cold-heartedness from others. I hope that they bring a sense of peace to those who experienced similar troubling life events that these flowers express.

You can follow Alexandria Kierecki on Instagram here: @dovaccelia 

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions: kiereckialexandria_46924_6979705_Kierecki_Alexandria_01-1
Alex Kierecki, Illumination, 2020.  Resin, 16 x 16 x 1.5 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_kiereckialexandria_46924_6979706_Kierecki_Alexandria_02-1
Alex Kierecki, Caught in the Moment from “Garden of Struggles”, 2019. Steel, steel rod, pigment, and spray paint, 11 x 12 x 4 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_kiereckialexandria_46924_7081158_Kierecki_Alexandria_002
Alex Kierecki, Break Free from “Garden of Struggles”, 2019. Steel, steel rod, pigment, and spray paint, 15 x 10 x 10 inches.



UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_martinezmark_26718_7333410__MG_9831

Mark Martinez

This photographic body of work aims to capture the carefree state of adolescence. These nostalgic photographs express the freedoms of our past through the use of vast panoramic landscapes that invite the viewer to explore. The double exposure technique creates a fantasy world that is both familiar and alien to the viewer. To create a calming and meditative feel, most of the photographs are taken at night, while the city sleeps and the streets are quiet.

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_martinezmark_26718_7267455_MarkMartinez_1
Mark Martinez, Untitled, 2020. Digital photographs, 18 x 8.33 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_martinezmark_26718_7267456_MarkMartinez_2
Mark Martinez, Untitled, 2020. Digital photographs, 18 x 8.33 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_martinezmark_26718_7267457_MarkMartinez_3
Mark Martinez, Untitled, 2020. Digital photographs, 18 x 8.33 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_mayeeboni_47536_7325910_profile

Eboni Maye

I include my own stories and experiences in my work and invite the viewer to find his/her own story. Currently, my work expresses my experiences with anxiety, where it disrupts my reasoning, leaving me to feel powerless.  I am an abstract artist, who uses hints of realism and patterns. Through printmaking, painting and drawing, I feel fulfilled by challenging myself in each process. I hope that through my artwork, I can help others who are struggling with anxiety.  

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_mayeeboni_47536_7215482_EboniMaye_1-141
Eboni Maye, Confined Space, 2020. Charcoal, pastel, and ink on wood panel, 23.5 x 23.5 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_mayeeboni_47536_7215483_EboniMaye_2
Eboni Maye, Confined Space, 2020. Charcoal, pastel, and ink on wood panel, 23.5 x 23.5 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_mayeeboni_47536_7215484_EboniMaye_3
Eboni Maye, Confined Space, 2020. Charcoal, pastel, and ink on wood panel, 23.5 x 23.5 inches. 


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_oremusalexandra_18030_7343269_Picture1

Alexandra Oremus

This body of work captures the ocean in its varying temperamental states through the combined process of acrylic, ink, and oil painting techniques. The ocean is a source of both tranquil and powerful clearing and cleansing energies. I create underwater spaces that the viewer can visually swim into, providing them with a place where they can briefly suspend themselves in the moment. I challenge viewers to seek out what lies hidden in the bottom of the deepest, darkest caves of their subconscious. Only those that return back to the surface from those dark places can be truly liberated. This body of work will encourage viewers to look within and find the thing that scares them the most; after all, facing that fear will be the thing that sets them free.

 You can follow Alexandra Oremus on Instagram here: @alexoremus

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_oremusalexandra_LATE_18030_7285198_AlexandraOremus_2
Alex Oremus, Cenotes Tulum, 2020. Oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_oremusalexandra_LATE_18030_7285202_AlexandraOremus_3
Alex Oremus, The Island, 2020. Oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches. 
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_oremusalexandra_LATE_18030_7285197_AlexandraOremus_1
Alex Oremus, Shark Reef, 2020. Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 48 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_perkowskiadreona_50492_7326556_1588192879.20431 (1)_Web-2

Adreona Perkowski

Memories are simply that- a memory. A concept of what happened in the past that you may, or may not be remembering correctly, and that you may or may not have fully understood what was happening at that moment. My work is personal. My work is me. My work is how I perceive my memories and how I reflect upon the past. I explore themes of addiction, abandonment, loss, and recovery with a recent focus into healing, moving on, finding oneself, and retrospection. Each material expresses different concepts and allows me to express ideas that derive from childhood up through today.

You can follow Adreona Perkowski on Instagram here: @adreona.97

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_perkowskiadreona_50492_7257623_Perkowski_Adreona_1
Adreona Perkowski, Because of You I Feel Safe from “Because of You”, 2020. Faux-bronze, 5.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_perkowskiadreona_50492_7257624_Perkowski_Adreona_2
Adreona Perkowski, Because of You I Got Burnt (Before) from “Because of You”, 2020. Matches and glue, 5.5 x 2 x 2 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_perkowskiadreona_50492_7257625_Perkowski_Adreona_3
Adreona Perkowski, Because of You I Got Burnt (After) from “Because of You”, 2020. Matches and glue, 5.5 x 2 x 2 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibtions_petersonjordyn_14561_7336771_20200102_2231162

Jordyn Peterson

Nightmares can leave a permanent impact on a person, often not a good one. I opted to allow people to tell me their worst nightmare, acting as the canvas for them, and would craft the demons in the real world. I am not intending to scare them; my goal is to stand before those who spoke to me and tell them: “It is on paper before you. It can no longer do any damage.” I want people to confide in me and find a sense of easiness now that the monsters are in the flesh before them, that those monsters are not as big as they used to be. I want the imagery to be unsettling, but powerful; if I created a clear image with colors, I believe the impact would not be as strong.

You can follow Jordyn Peterson on Instagram here: @MadameOfHorror

Jordyn Peterson, No longer Tormented, 2020. Ink and micron pens, printed on fleece fabric, 50 x 60 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibitions_pooveyconnor_36998_7331242_received_1829811327052797

Connor Poovey

A creative mind never sleeps; I am constantly searching and experimenting to find truth within my art. My work explores the emotional and psychological toll on environmental Florida landscapes, under the calamity of urban construction. Through mixed media compositions, representing the conflicting roles between human intrusion and natural environments, I pile construction equipment and nature imagery in layers to create tension. Every moment within the work demonstrates a fight for survival, but at no point, is either side winning. This is true of the world, as it is true in my art.

You can follow Conner Poovey on Instagram here: @CPooveyArt

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_pooveyconnor_LATE_36998_7307602_ConnorPoovey_2
Connor Poovey, Stop, 2020. Mixed media, 34 x 34 inches.
Connor Poovey, Yeild, 2020. Mixed media, 34 x 34 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibtion_pooveyconnor_LATE_36998_7307603_ConnorPoovey_3
Connor Poovey, Chopped and Screwed, 2020. Mixed media, 32 x 17 x 4 inches. 


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_scottelizabeth_33980_7331349_Lizzie Scott

Elizabeth Scott

Nature has always intrigued me, and is brilliant inspiration. This body of work involves a ceramic series that reveals the untapped potential of mushrooms for cleansing our damaged natural environment. Despite human's destructive nature, our planet has incredible ways of fixing itself. Fungi possess unique properties and may hold the key to breaking down todays pollution problems and healing the world. In terms of the process, after molding the clay to my desired shape, I carve an illustration into the surface then paint it using underglaze. Finally, I use a mid-range firing technique, to create a functional piece of pottery.

You can follow Elizabeth Scott on Instagram here: @Scott_Lizzie

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_scottelizabeth_33980_7280248_LizzieScott_1
Lizzie Scott, Phosphorus Vase, 2020. Ceramic, 7 x 7 x 3 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_scottelizabeth_33980_7280251_LizzieScott_2
Lizzie Scott, Nuclear Tower Mugs, 2020. Ceramic, 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches.  
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_scottelizabeth_33980_7280252_LizzieScott_3
Lizzie Scott, Algae Bowls, 2020. Ceramic, 4.5 x 6 x 4 inches.  


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_silbermanryan_17235_7326247_20200226_123443

Ryan Silberman

Anxious Cycle is a videogame that allows players to step into the shoes of an unnamed fictional individual who is trying to go through a daily routine without suffering an anxiety attack. The players need to keep on their toes to avoid making their anxiety rise. While the premise is simple, the reality of the situations would kick in as the player tries to navigate the unexpectedly treacherous day. The story of this character is not explained through exposition, but players would be able to piece together information through the situations that occur in the virtual world on the screen. The interactivity of the medium allows players to feel what is going on firsthand. The anxieties that the controlled character undergoes during their routine rubs off on the players as they try to make it through the day. Click here to play Anxious Cycle.

You can follow Ryan Silberman on Instagram here: @ryan.silberman

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_silbermanryan_17235_7279335_RyanSilberman_1-1
Ryan Silberman, Anxious Cycle, 2020. Video game.


UNF 2020Senior Exhibition_smithsilvana_26099_7339981_20200430_165145

Silvana Smith

I'm fascinated by the way we communicate and the power of language. My art gives words the physical weight they deserve. It's a way to confess words I struggle to say out loud. My work relies on communication between typography and medium. I use common objects and label them with insults or words of affirmation, that complicate their existence. The sculptures are affected by their own words, and yet they still attempt to speak them to the viewer. Viewers are reminded of when they learned these words, when they were first spoken to them. How many times have they heard them before? For me, these sculptures are a new way of writing. The creation of these typographic sculptures take more time than speaking or writing.  The act of forming each letter by hand is necessary.

You can follow Silvana Smith on Instagram here: @eggexplorer

ilvana Smith, Can you Remember a Puddle? (Don’t Look into me), 2020. Microcrystalline wax and hemp wick, 6 x 8 x 3 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_smithsilvana_26099_7245546_Smith_Silvana_02.JPG
Silvana Smith, Number Apart in Silence (How Long Has it Been?), 2020. Epoxy, wood, acrylic glass , 12 x 12 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_smithsilvana_26099_7245547_Smith_Silvana_03.JPG
Silvana Smith, Fragments and Sediments Intertwine and Combine (Until They Crumble Once Again)  2020. Vatican Stone and Limestone , Dimensions vary.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tarbetkathryn_27438_7322946_growyourown-headshot

Kathryn Tarbet

I am a studio-based photographer who creates elaborate tableaus before the camera. My work focuses on themes surrounding the role of technology and social media in our daily lives. It also frequently explores the duplicity of how we present ourselves versus how others perceive us. I prefer to approach the work as an installation, rather than a photograph. The camera is just a tool used in the illusion.

You can follow Kathryn Tarbet on Instagram here: @kat.culture

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tarbetkathryn_27438_7259173_Kat_Tarbet_01
Kat Tarbet, Phubbing, Giclee Print, 16X20 inches, 2020.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tarbetkathryn_27438_7259174_Kat_Tarbet_02
Kat Tarbet, Puppet v.s Puppeteer, 2020. Giclee Print, 16 x 20 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tarbetkathryn_27438_7259175_Kat_Tarbet_03
Kat Tarbet, Selfies for Dummies, 2020. Giclee Print, 16 x 20 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tothzachary_52641_7323945_1012088_798489693513549_7853107_n

Zachary Toth

Progress does not always mean that we must move forward, but only requires that we improve. Alchemy is a manifestation of improvement. It is a science and an art composed of seven different steps, with the purpose of refining or transforming something into its purest form. The Book of Ages is a handcrafted book containing a comprehensive look at the inner workings of Alchemy, presented in a story-telling fashion. Spiritual Alchemy is the study and practice of self-improvement through refinement. The Book of Ages is laden with illustrations created with a variety of mediums, ranging from color to grayscale.

You can follow Zachary on Instagram here: @slickmajic

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tothzachary_52641_7246576_ZToth_01
Z Toth, Excerpt from The Book of Ages, 2020. Mixed media, 18 x 13 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tothzachary_52641_7246577_ZToth_02
Z Toth, Excerpt from The Book of Ages, 2020. Mixed media, 18 x 13 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_tothzachary_52641_7246578_ZToth_03
Z Toth, Excerpt from The Book of Ages, 2020. Mixed media, 18 x 13 inches.


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_weatherssamantha_9057_7333390_1588258551.42803-web

Samantha Weathers

I create photographs that mean something to me and that are visually coherent, clean, sharp and legible. I prefer to shoot in natural lighting. My techniques vary from dance and motion photography, to portraits and landscapes. Most of my work reflects my love of beautiful lines, textures, and movement. I prefer to approach photography with a calm understanding of composition and content. This series, titled “The Adventures of Rose and Rory”, is a visual narrative of the lives of my three-year-old twins. I arranged the photographs into diptychs and triptychs to tell more of the story, and the titles give clues to the narrative as well.

You can follow Samantha Weathers on Instagram here: @__srs_photography

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_weatherssamantha_9057_7273878_SamanthaWeathers_2-web-1
Samantha Weathers, The Adventures of Rose and Rory: Opposite Day, 2020. Digital photograph, C-print, 12 x 38 inches. 
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_weatherssamantha_9057_7273868_SamanthaWeathers_1-web1
Samantha Weathers. The Adventures of Rose and Rory: The Other Side of the Fence, 2020. Digital photograph, C-print, 12 x 28 inches.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_weatherssamantha_9057_7273883_SamanthaWeathers_3-web3
Samantha Weathers, The Adventures of Rose and Ruby: Splash!, 2020. Digital photograph, C-print, 12 x 27 inches.   


UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_wellmaker-portrait

Whitney Wellmaker

I am a Graphic Designer based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. I adore typography and publication design, especially when I can experiment with materials. When I'm not drawing letters or sifting through color combinations, I'm more than likely crafting or planning my next trip to Disney World. Take a look at my work at!

UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_wellmaker-omnibus-bookmobile
Whitney Wellmaker, Omnibus Bookmobile, 2020. Digital rendering.  
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_wellmaker-ephemerastories-cover
Whitney Wellmaker, Print Ephemera Stories, 2020. Exterior view.
UNF 2020 Senior Exhibition_wellmaker-ephemerastories-fortunes
Whitney Wellmaker, Print Ephemera Stories, 2020. Interior view.