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Princess Simpson Rashid uses MOCA Jacksonville to inform and inspire her own work as a contemporary artist. She regularly attends previews for the latest exhibitions and takes advantage of opportunities to talk to the artists MOCA brings to Jacksonville. Learn more on the MOCA Blog.

© PATRICK JACOBS, Yellow Slime Mold with Stump, 2015. Styrene, acrylic, cast neoprene, paper, gouache, polyurethane foam, ash, talc, starch, acrylite, vinyl film, copper, wood, steel, lighting, BK7 glass. Diorama viewed through 2 inch window, 11 1/4 x 14 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Pierogi Gallery. Photo credit: © Patrick Jacobs. Portrait image courtesy of Jensen Hande Studios. Photo Illustration by Nolan Downs.


Artist Profile Patrick Jacobs

Patrick Jacobs

Inspired by his love of Renaissance landscape paintings, Brooklyn-based Patrick Jacobs constructs contemporary studies based on the Renaissance idea of painting as a “window on the world.” To create these hyperreal miniature worlds, he meticulously casts, paints, and positions every blade of grass and flower petal of the dioramas-a process he equates to “building a painting”-before they are embedded in the gallery's walls. The resulting three-dimensional “paintings” portray an expansive view onto green fields with mountains or snaking rivers in the distance. As the glowing portals invite viewers into his fictional spaces, the use of a concave lens creates the illusion of depth-distorting the environs' scale as it edges toward the lens itself.

Image courtesy of the Artist.