The Renate, Hans and Maria Hofmann Trust

The Renate, Hans and Maria Hofmann Trust, which began operation in 1996, was created under the will of Renate Hofmann. One of the purposes of the Trust is to encourage the study and understanding of Hans Hofmann's extraordinary life and works. The Trustees seek to accomplish this goal through supporting exhibitions, publications, and educational activities and programs focusing on Hofmann.

A second purpose of the Trust is to provide support to organizations that address the care, treatment, and educational needs of very low-income adults and children, including people with disabilities or mental illnesses. The Trust provides annual funding to organizations domestically; at this time it is not considering new grantees in this program area. As directed by Renate Hofmann's will, this second purpose is carried out in part through support to the Association of German Dioceses, headquartered in Bonn. The Association of German Dioceses selects the programs it supports, and it presently is helping to fund programs in Germany.