Daily Quiche from NOLA MOCA 1
Image courtesy of Denise M. Reagan.

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Daily Flatbread house-made dough, toppings change daily … 11 

Market Quiche fresh and seasonally inspired daily quiche, house salad … 15

Risotto fresh and seasonally inspired ingredients, changes daily … 14

Grilled Cheese du Jour hot-pressed coca bread, fillings change daily, soup or house salad … 11

Seasonal Soup created daily, always delicious … 5/8

Daily Dessert server will describe today's seasonal selection … 6

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Cheese Board pimento cheese, spicy pickled giardiniera vegetables, candied Pearson Farm pecans, seasonal house-made jam, toasted ciabatta … 9

See specials menu for cheese du jour

Haricot Vert Frites tempura-fried green beans, Parmigiano-Reggiano, horseradish aioli ... 8  as a side ... 3

Sweet Potato Nachos [ GF] house-fried sweet potatoes, blue cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, scallions, balsamic reduction ... 8

Mushroom-Pecan Pâté roasted wild mushrooms, Georgia pecans, tarragon, buttered crostini … 7

KFC Bites Korean-fried chicken, spicy barbecue sauce, kimchi vinaigrette slaw, cucumbers, garlic sesame seeds, scallions … 8

Sweet Potato Fries parmesan, blue cheese dipping sauce ... 6  as a side ... 3


Blackened Fish [ GF ] charred corn, Mexican crema, queso fresco, crispy collards, select one: rainbow trout ... 16  fresh catch ... market price

California BBQ Santa Maria-style Seminole Pride beef tri-tip, house salad, natural cut fries, garlic bread, roasted garlic aioli ... 14

Shrimp and Grits U.S. pan-seared shrimp, white wine mushroom sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, smoked cheddar grit cakes, sun dried tomato crostini ... 17

Vegan Paella [ GF ] Asparagus, yellow and red peppers, rainbow carrots, portobellos, arborio rice, saffron-tomato sauce, smoked almond aioli ... 16


Asian Noodle Bowl spicy vegetable noodle salad, cucumber, peanuts, cilantro, sesame seeds, chili-citrus vinaigrette, select one: rainbow trout ... 16  U.S shrimp ... 16  Korean-fried chicken ... 15  roasted chicken ... 14  fresh catch ... market price

Roasted Beet Salad [ GF] red and golden beets, fingerling potatoes, kale, warm sherry-bacon vinaigrette, gorgonzola, smoked almonds, beet crunchies ... 15

Roasted Chicken Salad [ GF ] baby spinach, gorgonzola, candied Pearson Farm pecans, grape tomatoes, smoked tomato vinaigrette … 15

House Salad artisan greens, grilled onions, parmesan, rosemary cornbread croutons, basil balsamic vinaigrette ... 5/8


Hot Chicken pan-fried garlic and cheddar bread pudding, creamy kale slaw, buttermilk fried chicken breast, pepper paste, honey pearls, pickled spicy giardiniera … 16

Blueberry Salad [ GF ] grilled asparagus, fresh blueberries, goat cheese, toasted Georgia pecans, arugula, champagne-blueberry vinaigrette … 15

Fried Green Tomatoes house-made ricotta, tomato jam, pea shoots, preserved lemon, basil oil … 9

Vietnamese Dip pork belly bánh mì, mushroom-pecan pâté, pickled carrots and onions, cucumber, cilantro, Sriracha aioli, pho dipping broth, house salad … 14


Indian Chicken Salad curry chicken, golden raisins, cilantro, house salad ... 10

Chicken BLT Wrap cornflakes-crusted chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, brie, fresh tomato, arugula, black peppercorn aioli, sweet potato chips ... 14

Deviled Egg BLT pimento cheese deviled egg salad, fried green tomato, bacon, artisan lettuce, toasted African sweet bread, house salad … 13 

Tuna Salad dolphin-safe tuna, fresh lime juice, chopped dill, house salad ... 11

House Chicken Salad pecans, basil, dried cranberries, house salad ... 10

Croissant Trio chicken salad, Indian salad, tuna salad, soup or house salad ... 12

Black Bean Burger Wrap melted brie, house-made pepper jelly, arugula, spicy black bean burger, sweet potato chips … 12

Chick-A-Boom crispy buttermilk fried chicken breast, honey-Tabasco goat cheese, kale, pickled onions, toasted bun, house salad ... 14

Korean Fried Chicken Wrap spicy Korean barbecue fried chicken, kimchi slaw, peanuts, garlic sesame seeds, scallions, cucumber, artisan greens, kimchi vinaigrette ... 14

Embellish plates or greens with:

Four Pan-seared U.S. Shrimp … 7

Rainbow Trout … 7

Fresh Catch … market price

Roasted Chicken … 5


Soda, Iced Tea, or Lemonade … 2

Voss sparkling or still water (800ml) … 6

Twinings Teas or Perrier … 3

Fresh-brewed Espresso … 4

Cappuccino … 5

Coffee … 3 / Coffee Refill … 1

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