A Boy Takes Photographs of Downtown Jacksonville During Art Camp
Image courtesy of Ingrid Damiani. 

Children learn skills from experienced educators

MOCA Jacksonville's Art Camp offers creative art-making for ages 4-14. Experienced art educators teach a variety of media and skills while providing the contemporary art history context for each project.

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June 5–30, July 10-August 11, 2017

Ages 4-6

Two half-day sessions: 9 a.m.–noon or 1-4 p.m.

$120 nonmembers | $102 MOCA members

June 5-9: Artistic Astronauts

Students explore the theme of outer space and craft out-of-this-world masterpieces.

June 12-16: Sweet Tooth

Students use their sweet tooth to make fun works of art inspired by their favorite goodies and treats.

June 19-23: Wings and Wheels 

Students learn about various modes of transportation to create works inspired by planes, trains, boats, and cars.

June 26-30: Jurassic Junior

Students stomp, growl, and roar to make prehistoric art pieces incorporating dinosaurs.

July 10-14: Mini-masters

Students study major artists and styles from art history to create their own masterpieces.

July 17-21: Picture Page

Students hear some of their favorite books and incorporate story themes into their works of art.

July 24-28: Rain or Shine

Students examine different types of weather and produce art that showcases rainbows, lightning, clouds, and more. 

July 31-August 4: Toys and Games 

Students play and craft to make interactive works of art inspired by toys.

August 7-11: Crafty Critters         

Students explore the animal kingdom to create wild works of art. 

Ages 7-10

Full day 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

$220 nonmembers | $187 MOCA members

June 5-9: Pop Culture

Students incorporate current and popular trends into their own creative contemporary works of art.   

June 12-16: Music and Art

Students visit MOCA’s featured exhibition Synthesize: Art + Music and make musically inspired masterpieces.

June 19-23: Architecture

Students learn about construction and design while building mixed-media works inspired by structures and architecture.

June 26-30: Pixels

Students design physical and digital works inspired by video games, technology, and digital design.

July 10-14: Magic and Make Believe

Students draw inspiration from mythology, science fiction, and fantasy to craft fictional artworks.

July 17-21: STEAM

Students integrate science, technology, engineering, and math with art to produce unique works of art.

July 24-28: Intertwined

Students use different fibers and learn to sew, weave, and craft with different soft materials.

July 31-August 4: MOCA Masters

Students view works on display in MOCA’s Permanent Collection and create artworks inspired by our collection.

August 7-11: Around the World

Students experience different cultures from around the globe and make worldly works of art. 

Ages 11-14

Full day 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

$230 nonmembers | $196 MOCA members

June 5-9: Photography

Students use their own cameras to explore the practice of photography and produce their own quality images.

June 12-16: Digital Media

Students hone their digital imaging skills to edit photographs, produce digital media, and create short films.

June 19-23: Drawing and Printmaking

Students practice different drawing and printmaking techniques to create artworks.

June 26-30: Painting

Students learn standard painting techniques and explore different subject matters to expand their painting vocabulary.

July 10-14: Murals

Students work in groups to transform wall spaces in MOCA’s stairwells into beautiful new murals for all Museum guests to admire.

July 17-21: Ceramics

Students practice different clay construction techniques to produce ceramic sculptures and pottery.

July 24-28: Sculpture

Students work in three-dimensions to create sculptures using various media.

July 31-August 4: Illustration and Comics

Students assemble their own sketchbooks and use them to illustrate stories and produce their own inked comics.

August 7-11: Portfolio

Students practice various techniques, including printmaking, drawing, and painting, to produce works that can be incorporated into any young artist’s portfolio.

Helpful information

Extended Day

Extended hours (8-9 a.m. and 4-5 p.m.) are available for all ages at our MOCA location for $50 per week.

Refund Policy

Your registration and tuition reserve your child’s place in a camp session and allow MOCA Jacksonville to purchase supplies and contract staff. At our discretion, camp tuition may be refundable up to two weeks before a registered session. After this point, no refunds can be made.

Camp Attire

Your child will be in an intensive, studio-based art-making camp experience, using materials in a safe and creative manner. Please remember to “dress for mess."

Lunch, Snacks, and Field Trips

Campers should bring snacks and lunches daily, including beverages. MOCA cannot provide refrigeration or microwaves. Trips may be made to nearby galleries or the Main Library next door (at the MOCA site), or to nature trails or the UNF Library (at the UNF Campus) for lunch or programs that parallel the art curriculum of the session. Campers will be supervised at all times while outside of the classroom. Please provide sunscreen.

Behavior Policy

No violence or aggressive behavior of any kind will be tolerated, including but not limited to, threatening behavior, destructiveness, inappropriate language, verbal or written threats, harassment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or disruptive or inappropriate behavior. A camper who exhibits violent or aggressive behavior will be suspended immediately for the day, and parents will be contacted. If the behavior persists, the camper will be asked to leave the camp program until the following year. All camp fees are nonrefundable once a session has begun.

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • MOCA Jacksonville: Please use the shoulder off on Duval Street between Main Street and Laura Street for dropping off and picking up students. A MOCA educator will be present to check children in and out of the Museum.
  • UNF campus: Please use the complimentary parking area in front of the CDRC (building 49) to drop off and pick up students.
  • Students may only leave the premises of MOCA Jacksonville or UNF with those who have been authorized ahead of time.
  • Any student picked up or dropped off outside of Art Camp's designated hours is subject to a $10 fee per instance.

Meet the Educators

A list of educators will be provided here in February 2017.