A Boy Takes Photographs of Downtown Jacksonville During Art Camp
Image courtesy of Ingrid Damiani. 

Children learn skills from experienced educators

June 4 - 29 & July 9 - August 3

MOCA Jacksonville's Summer Art Camp offers creative art-making for ages 4-14 during weekly sessions over summer break. Campers have fun with new friends as they create unique works of art and explore the galleries. Experienced art educators teach a variety of media and skills while providing the contemporary art history context for each project. 


All Summer Art Camp sessions are hosted at MOCA Jacksonville located Downtown at 333 North Laura Street. We are across the street from Hemming Park and next door to the Main Library. 

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4 year olds

Half Day Sessions

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

$100 per week

Four year old students will focus on the elements of art and principles of design to guide their camp experience. Students will create unique works of art in addition to visiting the galleries, Art Explorium, and other spaces within the Museum.

Week A:  June 11-15 // Color & Contrast

Week B: June 18-22 // Shape & Pattern

Week C: July 16-20 // Line & Movement

Week D: July 23-27 // Form & Balance 


5-7 year olds

Full Day Sessions 

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

$200 per week

Week 1: June 4-8 // ATTENTIVE ARRANGEMENTS: Students draw inspiration from permanent collection works featured in Attentive Arrangements to craft art that emphasizes pattern and repetition.

Week 2: June 11-15 // ART ACROSS AMERICA: Students learn about American artists, landmarks, and symbols to create USA themed art works.

Week 3: June 18-22 // IN MY WILDEST DREAMS: Students use dreams and fantasy as the subject for their own one of a kind works.

Week 4: June 24-29 // PRISMATIC PALETTE: Students focus on an artists’ palette to utilize color in their own creations.

Week 5: July 9-13 // FLORA & FAUNA: Students craft works that focus on different plants, animals, and their environments.

Week 6: July 16-20 // ALL DRESSED UP: Students fashion unique art and objects that they can wear themselves.

Week 7: July 23-27 // MASTERS OF ART: Students look to famous artists and styles throughout history and create their own artworks in a similar manner.

Week 8: July 30-August 3 // A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Students incorporate subjects and themes from popular culture, such as movies, trends, or video games, to create their own contemporary works of art. 

8-10 year olds

Full Day Sessions

Monday – Friday // 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

$220 per week

*additional $20 supply fee required for some themes

Week 1: June 4-8 // THE SUNSHINE STATE: Students learn about Florida artists, landscapes, and attractions to create locally inspired creations.

Week 2: June 11-15 // PRINTMAKING AND PAPER CRAFTING: Students use different printmaking methods, such as screen and block printing, as well as collage and assemblage techniques to create a variety of mixed media works.

Week 3: June 18-22 // UNCONVENTIONAL & ALTERNATIVE: Students experiment with strange supplies and unusual methods to produce truly unique projects.

Week 4: June 24-29 // POP ART: Students look to the Pop Art movement as well as current popular culture trends to craft their own contemporary art.

Week 5: July 9-13 // DIGITAL PAINTING & DRAWING:  Students practice both traditional and digital methods to create their own painted and hand drawn works. 

Week 6: July 16-20 // FIDGETS & WIDGETS: Students construct and build projects with multiple parts to produce dynamic and engaging pieces.

Week 7: July 23-27 // CERAMICS & SCULPTURE*: Students make three dimensional works using clay, cardboard, plastic, and more.

Week 8: July 30-August 3 // STORYTELLING: Students utilize stories and personal preferences to create artworks that share a story. 

11-14 year olds

Full Day Sessions

Monday – Friday // 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

$230 per week

*additional $20 supply fee required for some themes

Week 1: June 4-8 // PAINTING: Students practice both traditional painting and digital methods through the use of tablets.  

Week 2: June 11-15 // DIGITAL MEDIA:  Students create technology-based works through image editing, video production, and other techniques.*

Week 3: June 18-22 // PHOTOGRAPHY: Students use their own cameras to explore the practice of photography and produce high quality images.*

Week 4: June 24-29 // THE FUTURE IS FEMALE: Students focus on women artists and feminist subjects to produce works with a contemporary commentary.

Week 5: July 9-13 // CERAMICS & SCULPTURE*: Students learn the basics of clay construction and use cardboard, plastic, and other materials to produce three dimensional works.

Week 6: July 16-20 // MURALS: Students work in groups to design and paint original murals in the stairwells of the Museum.

Week 7: July 23-27 // COLLAGE & ASSEMBLAGE: Students make unique mixed media projects utilizing different collage and assemblage techniques.  

Week 8: July 30-August 3 // PRINTMAKING & DRAWING: Students draw and produce one of a kind works using basic drawing techniques and various printmaking methods, such as screen and block printing. 

Helpful information

Extended Day

Extended day is available for students ages 5-14 attending Full Day Sessions

8 a.m. – 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

$50 per week 

Refund Policy

Your registration and tuition reserve your child’s place in a camp session and allow MOCA Jacksonville to purchase supplies and contract staff. At our discretion, camp tuition may be refundable up to two weeks before a registered session. After this point, no refunds can be made.

Camp Attire

Your child will be in an intensive, studio-based art-making camp experience, using materials in a safe and creative manner. Some materials may be permanent so please remember to “dress for mess."

Lunch, Snacks, and Field Trips

Campers must bring snacks and lunches daily, including beverages. MOCA cannot provide refrigeration or microwaves. Trips may be made to nearby galleries, Hemming Park, or the Main Library next door for lunch or programs that parallel the art curriculum of the session. Campers will be supervised at all times while outside of the classroom. Please provide sunscreen. 

Behavior Policy

No violence or aggressive behavior of any kind will be tolerated, including but not limited to, threatening behavior, destructiveness, inappropriate language, verbal or written threats, harassment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or disruptive or inappropriate behavior. A camper who exhibits violent or aggressive behavior will be suspended immediately for the day, and parents will be contacted. If the behavior persists, the camper will be asked to leave the camp program until the following year. All camp fees are nonrefundable once a session has begun.

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Please use the shoulder on Duval Street between Main Street and Laura Street for dropping off and picking up students. A MOCA educator will be present to check children in and out of the Museum.
  • Students may only leave the premises of MOCA Jacksonville with those who have been authorized ahead of time.
  • Any student picked up or dropped off outside of Art Camp's designated hours is subject to a $10 fee per instance. 

Hello There

Staff Profile Kiersten Lampe

Kiersten Lampe

Tour and Camp Program Coordinator

Kiersten Lampe graduated in 2014 from the University of Florida where she received her bachelor's degree in art history. Prior to working at MOCA Jacksonville, she served as the learning and engagement assistant at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she developed and facilitated educational programs for children and families. Lampe moved back to Florida and began working at MOCA in 2015 as the outreach coordinator. She coordinates and supervises MOCA's winter, spring, and summer Art Camp. Lampe also serves as a Museum educator for family and children's programming.