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Be bold like Hans Hofmann at Art Fusion

January 19, 2017 // by Stephanie Jackson

Hans Hofmann employed bold color combinations and expressive abstract shapes, often based on real-world objects or scenes, throughout his career. Inspired by MOCA Jacksonville's exhibition Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper, create your own geometric, abstract artwork at Art Fusion during Downtown Art Walk on February 1.

Hans Hofmann Untitled 1950
Hans Hofmann, Untitled, c. 1950. Mixed media on paper. 24 x 19 inches. Collection of Preston H. Haskell. With permission of the Renate, Hans & Maria Hofmann Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

The exhibition, opening January 28, focuses on Hofmann's lesser-known works on paper. At Art Fusion, explore the methods behind his outstanding works and investigate his overall artistic process. Hofmann found inspiration in the shapes and displacement of Cubism and from the colors of Henri Matisse.  

Art Fusion Hans Hofmann Tissue Paper 1
Image courtesy of Stephanie Jackson.
Art Fusion Hans Hofmann Tissue Paper 2
Image courtesy of Stephanie Jackson.
Art Fusion Hans Hofmann Tissue Paper 3
Image courtesy of Stephanie Jackson.

In a classroom on the fifth floor, cut shapes of various sizes out of tissue paper. Arrange and overlap pieces of tissue paper, creating a rich, multilayered appearance. Apply glue mixture to secure the tissue paper to a piece of construction paper. The glue mixture intensifies the sheer quality of the tissue paper and adds texture to the finished work. If your artwork is still damp upon completion, ask a MOCA educator for a piece of parchment paper to protect it during transport.

Then head to the third floor to see Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper and compare your color combinations with those in Hofmann's work. Are your shapes more geometric than his or more abstract? Notice the use of thick and thin black lines in Hofmann's work. Looking at your own work, do you see shapes or figures that you could draw into your work? Pull out a pencil and add to your artwork. Let Hofmann's works on paper inspire you! 

Art Fusion Hans Hofmann Tissue Paper 4
Image courtesy of Stephanie Jackson.




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